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Bluebird Symbolism: What Does It Mean to Dream About Bluebirds?

Bluebirds are a group of medium-sized omnivorous birds found in North America and Canada. 

They nest in holes in trees, mainly in forests, woodland glades, and open country areas. 

fluffy young northern bluebird perched in a tree.

These fascinating creatures frequently appear in your dreams as a symbol of joy, hope, wealth, and satisfaction. But how do you know what message this bird is trying to portray in your dreams? 

Let’s delve deeper into this discussion and learn more about the symbolism of bluebirds in your dreams.

The symbolism of bluebirds

Bluebirds are known to represent the beauty and essence of life. However, bluebirds around the house show good news or promotion at work. 

Native Americans associate this bird’s feathers with royalty, courage, and spirituality. 

In Christianity, bluebirds have a sacred connotation. They are considered angels flying down the earth as messengers from God’s realm. Guardian angels are believed to send these birds to people with divine messages. 

watercolor illustration of a bluebird on the leaves of a pink camellia flower.

On the other hand, the European folktales take this lovely feathered friend as a cheerful omen, a sign of optimism and direction. Moreover, some associate its blue color with positive symptoms such as freedom, space, intuition, and modesty. 

Lastly, this bird is associated with a Western queen goddess named Xi Wangmu, the most powerful deity in China. The bluebirds along with other birds were believed to be her servants and messengers. 

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Bluebirds in our dreams

Here are a few interpretations of seeing bluebirds in dreams. 

Faith and optimism

Bluebird has a spiritual meaning of satisfaction and hope. So, if you’re facing an unpleasant situation or making a hard decision, seeing a bluebird in your dreams is a positive sign that you will eventually figure out a solution for these problems, and they will go away in due time. 

bluebird on a branch looking upward.

It is also a foreteller of a more positive and better future. This majestic birdie shows up in your dreams to remind you to have faith and stay positive because things will turn in your favor in a short time. 

Wisdom and intelligence

In addition to their beauty, bluebirds are highly intelligent and adaptable creatures who can happily thrive in various habitats with limited resources. Thus, they are considered to be a voice of fate, spiritual wisdom, and knowledge.

Bluebirds appearing in your dream realms remind you to control your emotions and overcome your fears with the help of wisdom and courage since these battles are only yours to fight.


Bluebirds encourage us to spread happiness. Regardless of what is happening, these tiny feathered friends have the power to make anyone smile.

two bright blue bluebirds with brown chests perched on a dead tree branch.

They endure torturous conditions, such as arid landscapes, all the while maintaining a happy attitude and singing and jumping around with delight. We can learn a lot from these cheery fowls as they teach us to stay positive, grateful, and hopeful for the future.

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In several religions, bluebirds are considered God’s messengers. This is because they convey divine messages and give direction to lost souls. 

Moreover, bluebirds also represent a transition in the form of rebirth. They help you come to terms with changes in your life and accept them as a natural phenomenon rather than fighting against them and letting them overwhelm you.

Joy and happiness

Just looking at these endearing birds is enough to leave people beaming with happiness. Bluebirds always end up being the silver lining for people in difficult situations and reminding them of true joy’s value.

close up of brown and blue bluebird perched on a branch.

Similarly, people whose spirit animal is a bluebird have a playful and cheerful nature. Their soothing and light-hearted presence lightens up the atmosphere with joy and sweetness.

The symbolism of bluebirds’ behavior in dreams

Bluebird sitting on the shoulder

Bluebirds frequently show themselves in dreams to be sitting on our shoulders. This could reflect sentiments about how important it is for others to see you as honest and joyful. It also depicts a friendly attitude with a high conviction which shows no one can stop you from receiving support and care from your friends and family. 

Another interpretation of this dream is a refusal to submit to a situation that will have unfortunate consequences and weaken a relationship.

Holding a bluebird

Seeing yourself holding a bluebird means you desire great authority and command over your life. You think of everyone to be equal in your eyes regardless of their status, money, or power.

Whereas, the other translation of this dream is genuine terror from an event that still haunts your daily life. In this case, keeping your mind clear and letting these negative thoughts and feelings disappear rather than holding onto them in your heart is vital. It is a sign of clarity and regeneration of the mind and body. 

Bluebird is coming towards you

When you see a flying bluebird around you, it foretells that you will enjoy life to its fullest shortly. It could also signify some good and positive changes coming your way very soon.

Bluebird flying around the house

You can anticipate sunny days and good news if you observe bluebirds flying around your garden or backyard in the dream. Alternatively, this dream also predicts a new birth in your family.

a northern bluebird on a tree branch with ruffled feathers.

However, if bluebirds visit you while you’re sleeping but leave you before you wake up, it indicates an unfulfilled dream or promises from your significant other.

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The common meaning of bluebirds in your dreams

Bluebirds represent happiness, good fortune, love, and positivity. They hold a deep spiritual significance for Native Americans, Christians, and others who consider their spiritual guides. Above all is that bluebirds offer happiness to those who meet and interact with them.

Bluebirds can symbolize every stage of your life, including fertility. There are numerous ways to interpret seeing these creatures in a dream or real life.

Try to pay more attention when they start making your way into your fantasies since, in most cases, they are here to break the news of a healthier and happier future.