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Dove Symbolism – What it Means to Dream About the Bird of Peace

People can have the most diverse dreams in which everything is possible. For example, you can imagine that a white dove flew into your hand.

And while you may be afraid of birds in the waking world, you should embrace them in your imagination because they usually bring good news.

a hand holding a white dove against a blue background.

What do doves symbolize?

Pigeons have that historical symbolism for peace and pacifism, but modern culture also sees them as omens of love, devotion, and marriage. Doves can also be an omen of love, purity, dignity, and well-being.

In many world religions, the pigeon is a portrayal of something divine. For instance, Christians considered these birds to be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. They often associate it with God, faith, life after death, etc.

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a gray mourning dove on a branch next to a red flower.

It can also represent a fresh start and hope. In the Bible, this bird is mentioned as a messenger of good news (it brought Noah an olive branch, which was a sign it was safe to leave the ark). So it’s often associated with happy events.

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What do doves symbolize in modern culture?

Pigeons are known for their monogamy and for living with one partner for life. It’s no wonder the newlyweds release a pair of these birds after the wedding as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity.

Another meaning of the dove can be home and family. These birds are very attached to their offspring and natal nests, and they often return to them.

That’s how they got their ‘jobs’ as feathered postmen. And although carrier pigeons no longer do that, this role predestined them as a symbol of communication.

Doves in dreams

Due to the many mentioned positive symbolisms, dreaming about doves is associated with happy times and favorable situations. These dreams are mostly good omens, but they can have different meanings depending on other details in them.

five white doves perched on an old roof.

Dove represents your feelings and hopes when in a difficult life situation. Also, this gentle bird often signifies your desire for love. If you often dream of doves, you’re probably hungry for romance and attention.

Dreaming of different dove types

In reality, there are several types of doves. That’s good to know because these species differ in physical appearance, particularly in color. A certain color of this pigeon can give your dream a completely different context.

For example, dreams of white doves refer to peace and serenity. If you see this bird, it’s a sign you’re well on your way to finding peace with yourself or others. And if you let the dove out of the cage, you’re probably about to release a heavy burden.

On the other hand, gray and black doves focus on your relationships with others. The gray bird represents friendship, connection, harmony, and beautiful moments you’ll soon experience with your loved ones. The black dove can predict some sad moments, but they won’t last long.

Dove flying high

Your desire for freedom manifests through dreams of doves cruising freely in the sky. They represent you, ready to spread your wings and fly toward freedom. Depending on the dove color, these dreams can be interpreted in several ways.

Moreover, dreaming of bright-colored pigeons brings hope. Maybe you want to end a relationship that is suffocating you, and that newly acquired freedom will bring relief. On the other hand, dark doves flying high may indicate some of your lost hopes.

Finally, if you see a flock of doves flying high in your dreams, it can represent numerous paths and options open up to you. If these birds circle your house, they announce changes, mostly positive. And if they land on your window, they mean good news from unexpected sources.

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Dove in your arms

Dreaming of a dove landing on your shoulder or arm reflects your character. It shows your kindness and benevolence, which many take advantage of. Unfortunately, having a heart on our sleeve isn’t always a good thing.

two hands holding up a white dove.

If doves release from your hand, it can mean making new connections, but only after you open your mind and heart to it. Maybe because of some bad experiences, you avoid making new friends but know that some people come into your life with a good reason.

Spotting doves’ nest

A nest has always represented home and family, and a dream about it shows your concern for these two items. Do you talk about getting married and having kids? So maybe it’s time to get to work. 

If you don’t have a family and home, dreaming about a dove’s nest indicates it’s the right time to start creating them. And if you’ve already accomplished that, this dream might be your desire to expand your family or renovate your home.

Seeing dead dove

Some relationship that was important to you, love, friendship, or business, will soon end. How it’ll happen may depend on how the dove in your dreams dies. If you can’t determine this, the breakup will occur without explanation.

A dove that quietly died means your relationship will end peacefully, probably due to a mutual desire for it. On the other hand, if you dreamed that this gentle bird was shot and suffered in great pain, quarrels and conflicts will cause your split.

Having a dove as a pet

This dream is a clear sign that you want to keep the peace and create a positive environment. Taming an imaginary dove means you want to please yourself and live peacefully. And depending on how your unusual pet behaves in your dream, you can look for a deeper meaning of this dream. 

a mourning dove on a branch.

For example, if your new pet is friendly, you should act toward your goals. If it jumps around the house, it’s time to change the routine. If it just flies around the house, you can expect a new family member soon.

Dreams about doves can be quite vivid, but they’re positive and indicate good things about to happen. You should understand the dream context and your feelings about it since that can guide you on how to make these changes. They’re about to happen, so be ready to embrace them.