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Dragonfly Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About Dragonflies?

One of nature’s beauties, yet also a fierce critter who is always hovering over ponds, dragonflies are indeed one-of-a-kind. These beautiful insects, with their lacy, delicate wings and brilliant metallic bodies, have been a source of human fascination for ages.

close up of an iridescent blue and black dragonfly on a small branch.

But what does it mean when they fly into our dreams? Let’s examine dragonflies as a symbol and what messages they may have for you in the dream realm.

The dragonfly’s symbolism throughout history

The dragonfly has been an important symbol for many cultures throughout history. 

Many native American tribes consider them to be auspicious or sacred animals and often associate them with healing and protection. While others connect them with the element of water and see them as the symbol of the coming of much-needed rain. 

In Celtic traditions, dragonflies represent transition and rebirth. The Irish myth of Midir and Etain is particularly famous in which Midir’s jealous wife transforms Etain into a jewel-colored dragonfly that later gets reborn as a woman. 

close up of a vibrant red dragonfly's face and wings.

The Zuni people consider dragonflies as messengers of the gods and a sacred symbol of freedom and conservation. Learn more about dragonflies as spirit animals.

Dragonflies in our dreams

So if we are dreaming about dragonflies, what does it mean? There are a few interpretations of what a dragonfly in your dream may symbolize.


Dragonflies are the garnered masters of adaptability. They undergo different transformations through their lifecycle and continuously adapt to the changes within themselves and their surroundings.

Dreaming about these aerial creatures might mean that you are in a situation that requires you to be flexible. So, approach your problems with an open mind and don’t shy away from making the necessary changes presented in front of you.  


The ability of dragonflies to transform into different sizes and shapes makes them a popular symbol for transformation. They are constantly evolving and changing, giving us hope that we can do the same.

long blue dragonfly on a tall stalk of wheat in a field.

Are you starting a new career? Or trying to get your life back on track? In either scenario, a dragonfly dream is a message to inform you about the importance of this change and how it can be fruitful for you in the near future. 

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Happiness and joy

Another common theme we associate with dragonflies is the sense of happiness and joy. These colorful insects are always upbeat and carefree, flying wherever the wind takes them. 

Seeing dragonflies in your dream signifies that it is time to take care of yourself and work on things that give you joy. Read that book you have always wanted to read, go on a holiday trip, or spend time with your friends because you can enjoy life only when you are happy and content from the inside.

The symbolism of dragonfly behavior in your dreams

What the dragonfly is doing in your dream can tell you a lot about its deeper meaning or the situation it relates to. Is your dragonfly in flight? Did it land on your hand? Or was it not moving or alive at all? Let’s break down some common situations.

Flying dragonfly

Seeing dragonflies flying aimlessly is not such a big thing. However, this is not the same in the world of dreams. 

If you dream about a flying dragonfly, then there is slight instability in your life. This might be because of a new project you have undertaken or any other challenge that is stressing you out. Make sure to stay focused on the task at hand and be attentive while making important decisions.

small black dragonfly perched on a man's hand.

Alternatively, seeing the insect flying over a pond, lake, or swimming pool indicates that your life has grown dull. You keep following the same hectic routine without taking out time for yourself. It is about time to go on a journey, explore your spirituality and get in touch with your emotions.

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Killing a dragonfly

If you see yourself swatting or killing a dragonfly in your dreams, it symbolizes reluctance to change your way and attitude toward life. You are fixated on a single goal and unwilling to come out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

These dreams are a reminder to pay attention to life’s opportunities and view things from a different perspective. This will bring a positive change in your life. 

Seeing a dead dragonfly

A dead dragonfly is deprived of all its colors and beauty. Dreaming about a dead dragonfly also has a similar interpretation. 

It signals that you feel lonely and unmotivated to achieve anything in life. This might be a consequence of betrayal coming from someone you loved and trusted with your heart.

dead dragonfly stuck on a spider web covered in waterdroplets.

It has made you suspicious of everyone around you and has left you questioning your worth. Hence it is time for you to pick up these pieces and stand back on your feet since there is still so much more to see and live for.

Color of the dragonfly

Rainbow dragonfly

Seeing a colorful dragonfly in your dreams foretells good things are coming your way. It marks the beginning of healing and positive change in your life. You are right where you should be now, and soon, you will see great progress in your professional and personal life. Just continue living with the same zeal and unleash your creativity every once in a while.

Black dragonfly

Like the color black, dreaming about a black dragonfly is a bad omen. The people you are surrounding yourself with may be praying for your downfall. Or, a new venture that seems incredibly profitable will adversely impact your business. 

This dream is a warning message to pay more attention and try to learn people’s true motives behind associating with you.

Brown dragonfly

A brown dragonfly speaks about your capabilities and patience in handling the challenges that life throws at you. You are level-headed and logical when facing struggles and do not get easily overwhelmed or stressed by these situations. If you continue with the same strength, no hurdle can bring you down.

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brown dragonfly perched on a log.

The most common meanings of dragonfly in dreams

Dragonflies are mystic insects that have always left people awestruck with their colors. However, dreaming about these insects can be a harbinger of both good and bad news.

Therefore, it is essential to remember the dragonfly’s behavior in your dreams and rethink your life decisions based on these interpretations. 

Ask yourself important questions. What things make you happy in life? What things need changing? Are you sure about the intentions of your close friends and family? After all, understanding the true message of your subconscious can help fix major life issues and improve your lifestyle.