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Elevator Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About Elevators?

Dreams are a crucial part of the human experience. While some of them may seem forgettable and mundane, others can be incredibly meaningful and vivid. Dreams about elevators are one such example. 

Elevators are an indispensable part of most modern buildings in the world. These advanced machines facilitate the movement of people and their cargo between floors, bringing convenience to everyone.

silhouette of a man walking past a bright yellow elevator.

But what does it mean a machine this practical and useful shows up in your dream realm?  

Today, let’s take a closer look at the spiritual meaning behind elevator dreams and how they can relate to your walking life.

Elevator symbolism in dreams

Before jumping into specific scenarios, let’s explore common symbols associated with dreams about elevators.


Generally, elevators are seen as a positive connotation. They take you to your destination and open up the doors to new beginnings, making them the epitome of transformation, progression, and success. 

Similarly, seeing them in your dream can signal that you are close to achieving your goals. So, don’t hesitate to take up new opportunities or make positive changes, as you will soon enjoy the fruit of all your hard labor.


You never really know what you will see on the other side once the elevator door opens. Likewise, elevator dreams symbolize a surprise or a revelation that will soon face your path.

two elevators next to each other, one with doors close and one with doors open.

Some hidden feelings will emerge, or you will discover a bitter truth about your dear one. But don’t stress out. These dreams are a message to prepare yourself for the future and fight the hurdles it brings.

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Feeling stuck 

Dreaming of elevators might also indicate that you are feeling lost, demotivated, and as if you are “stuck in a box.” 

Perhaps you are not content with your current situation, are in an endless cycle of self-destructive behaviors, or are unable to achieve your goals. 

In these instances, elevator dreams are a sign from your subconsciousness to overcome these obstacles and stand strong against whatever life throws at you.

Elevated perspective 

Elevators allow you to move from one floor to another, indicating that you are rising above your situation and looking at it from an elevated and detached position.

Likewise, elevators in your dreams can represent your ability to look beyond the surface level of things and into the fundamental realities of life. 

an antique black iron elevator door in an old building.

Conversely, these dreams may also urge you to gain a higher perspective on your current situation. They may also suggest that there are more meaningful things in life than you commonly see.

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Interpretation of different elevator dream scenarios

Your dream’s meaning depends on the situation, the feelings surrounding it, and your current state of mind. Let’s look at a few different elevator dream situations.

The elevator is not working

Being stuck in an elevator makes people restless and stressed about the situation. Likewise, dreaming about an elevator that is not working also has a similar interpretation.

You may be at a point where nothing seems to go your way. This constant disappointment and stress lead to frequent conflicts with yourself and those around you.

a man's fore finger pressing a button in an elevator.

It signifies that it is about time to pull yourself together before you end up ruining your relationships with your anger and envy. 

The elevator is filled with people

Nobody likes elevators that are filled with people. However, dreaming about this situation is an entirely different scenario. 

If you see yourself in a crowded elevator, unable to reach the exit door, it might be a sign for you to be more determined and focused on your goals. You must constantly strive to achieve your target and gain success in your professional life.

Alternatively, an elevator filled with strangers is your subconscious state reminding you to relax a little as things will work out in the end.

The elevator is empty

Dreaming about being inside an elevator is a bad omen. It foretells that you may suffer from severe financial loss if you are not careful with your expenses. 

view of the interior of an empty, pale green hospital elevator.

Therefore, make sure to consult others before investing in a new project, cut down your costs, and start saving up money for bad times. After all, it is better to be prepared rather than go bankrupt due to one wrong decision. 

The elevator is falling down

If you dream about the elevator falling with you inside, it symbolizes emotional instability in your life. You may feel like you have no control over your life anymore or seem to be drifting away from your traditional values. Consequently, a minor problem has now transformed into a major one, and you have no idea how to deal with it. 

In this case, try to tackle one problem at a time and see things from a different perspective to get out of the situation as soon as possible. 

The elevator is old and worn out 

Dreaming about riding in an old elevator signifies that you have not completely moved on from a traumatic experience. Do not let your past haunt your future; try to come to terms with the history and forget it in due time. 

In other instances, seeing a worn-out, old elevator might imply that you are planning to escape a challenging situation rather than facing it. This dream is a message to confront these problems with strength and determination since only then you can get out of them.

Most common meaning of elevators in your dreams

You may find yourself in an elevator many times throughout the day, but when these objects start showing up in your dreams, it may be time for you to reevaluate your life choices. 

You may also want to read up on the symbolism of houses and other buildings in our dreams.

panel of 51 elevator buttons with floor 27 illuminated.

Dreaming about elevators may either be a warning message or a comforting reminder for the dreamer. 

Learning about the interpretation of elevator dreams is essential to understanding their meaning and significance in your life. In any case, these dreams help you grow as a person and teach you how to gain professional as well as personal success in your life.