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Lizard Symbolism: What Do Dreams of Lizards Mean?

What does it mean to dream about lizards? If these scaly creatures have visited your dreams more than once, you’ll probably start asking the same question! 

A green lizard with white stripes perched on a leafy branch.

Lizards don’t fit our stereotypical dream-like creatures. They have scales around their bodies, long tail, short neck, and movable eyelids that can look eerie! Some people even go as far as calling them ugly. Yet, dreaming about lizards has meaningful interpretations that can shed light on your daily struggles.

Today, we’ll delve into the meaning of lizard dreams and look at the widely-accepted cultural context that features lizards’ symbolisms worldwide. 

Prosperity and healing

Native tribes in North America believe strongly in a lizard’s connection to prosperity and healing. Some ethnic groups even extract lizard venom to heal chronic illnesses. 

A lizard’s ability to survive in extreme environments makes them a symbol of survival and wealth. Ancient tribes sing hymns, offer dance rituals, and hold ceremonies in honor of lizards. 


Few countries in Southeast Asia tie lizards to fortune-telling. In fact, they’re the foundation of the astrological practice, Gowli Sastram.

an orange and tan colored lizard perched on a stick.

Under this practice, people believe a lizard signals forthcoming luck or danger based on how it falls. For instance, if you see a lizard falling while traveling, a road mishap might be on the way. It’s then recommended to stop the trip to break the bad omen. 

Power and authority

Dragons are fundamental symbols of power in ancient China. And while these mythical creatures remain in legends and history books, lizards are closely associated with their ancestry. 

They’re depicted as symbols of authority, stability, and power. There’s even a practice during drought where people put them in wooden jars and beat the container until rain arrives. 

Dream interpretations for different types of lizards

Different types of lizards appearing in your dreams can hold different meanings. Here are the most popular types, along with their interpretations.

Alligator lizard

Dreaming of this rough-scaled lizard symbolizes a strong desire to be heard. There’s a chance you’re struggling to express yourself and have issues trusting people around you. 

Recurring dreams of alligator lizards may indicate how your inability to express your thoughts is starting to affect your inner peace. 

Skink lizard

Skink lizards are considered helpful backyard buddies for their agility in catching insects. However, dreaming about them has a darker tinge to it. Skink lizard dreams signify a dual personality you may or may not be aware of.

It could be that the darker side of your personality is trying to manifest itself after years of suppression. 

Monitor lizard

Known for their huge build, large claws, and powerful legs, monitor lizards are excellent predators. In dreams, they signify wisdom and clarity. Their appearance in your dreams can mean a pivotal life decision you’ll make. 

Dreaming of a lizard that changes color

Seeing a lizard’s transformation into multiple colors in a dream represents a power struggle within your circle. It’s often linked to a toxic work culture where everyone seems to be minding your business.

a green and orange chameleon on a stick.

This dream can also be a warning for an upcoming trap headed your way. Perhaps someone’s setting you up to take the blame. 

Dreaming of lizards fighting each other

Dreaming about fighting lizards signifies an internal battle raging within you. It can also mean a subconscious desire for change hindered by fear of being judged. 

Dreams about fighting lizards are widely considered positive as they often precede a breakthrough toward positive change. 

Is dreaming about lizards a good omen?

Dreaming of lizards holds varied interpretations, and their symbolisms have equal footing in terms of good and bad. 

Your emotional state affects whether or not the dream presents a good omen. Seeing a lizard in your dream when you’ve just started a new relationship could mean total healing from a previously failed romance.

close up of a blue-green lizard's face.

On the other hand, it can also mean potential hurdles in your romantic engagements primarily fueled by a third party or even people in your inner circle. 

Three reasons why you dream about lizards 

Lizard dream interpretations are countless, but three of the most relatable ones are listed below. These are considerations to note the next time those reptiles invade your nighttime sleep.

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1. There’s a significant change coming your way, and you ought to be ready

Perhaps you’re contemplating moving to a new place or shifting careers. Either way, you haven’t made up your mind yet.

A lizard in your dream may signal that you should make a decision right away. Lizard dreams can present opportunities that’ll only make sense if you commit to changing your location, career trajectory, or lifestyle priorities. 

2. You’re not being honest in expressing what you feel

Have you ever felt like you’re giving away too much of yourself for others, even if that’s not what you always want? 

Keeping a healthy relationship with the people around you is essential. Still, you’d need to evaluate how much of those connections bring you genuine fulfillment. 

If you hold back from voicing your real feelings to people you consider important, then it’s time to step back. 

Dreaming of lizards can be your subconscious’s subtle nudge to be more honest with your feelings for once and stop sidelining yourself. 

3. You’re struggling to understand who you want to be

As symbols of healing, lizards are associated with renewal and rebirth. However, these turning points are only possible if you know who you are.

What values do you hold most dear? What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

Dreaming of lizards can strongly indicate your real self trying to get out of its comfort zone. The question now is, what’s holding you back?

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Finding the meaning of lizard dreams involves looking at real-life parallels you’re experiencing. Are you facing a big decision that threatens your sense of comfort? Perhaps that’s why you’ve been seeing monitor lizards in your sleep. 

To understand what those lizard dream encounters mean, a closer look at your emotions and situations is the first step to finding sense in them.