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Moon Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About the Moon?

The night sky has always been a source of our fascination. And the moon and its elegant beauty? Even more so. Whenever we look up, we can’t help but turn our attention to this magnificent celestial body– especially when it is full and bright. 

Whether it is a supermoon, blue moon, snow moon, or crescent moon, its size and radiance never fail to leave us in awe.

full moon in a deep blue sky fading into deep orange at the horizon.

Hence, it is no wonder that the moon is featured in countless mythology and stories of people down the ages. Likewise, it also holds immense importance in many faiths and religions. 

But what does it mean when this magical orb of light shows up in your dream realm? And what message may it have for you?  Let’s find out!

The symbolism of the moon

Moon symbolism is complex and intriguing. This heavenly body has signified different things to different people at different times. 

However, it is essential to look at the moon’s general symbolism since there are many connections between these meanings and the interpretation when they appear in your dreams.

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The moon is associated with divine femininity and female energies in many religions. 

It is related to many deities which are seen as the immortal matrons of childbirth and the defenders of children. 

woman standing on a beach holding a glowing moon at sunset.

In Roman mythology, Hecate, the goddess of birth, and Diana, the goddess of women and woodland, are associated with the moon. In Christianity, the Virgin Mary is often depicted as standing on the moon’s representation. 

Because of this, the moon represents traditional feminine traits like softness, gentleness, and passivity – in contrast with the sun’s decisive, burning, and vibrant energy. 


Ever since the dawn of humanity, the moon has shone every day to guide us through the darkness. However, unlike the sun, its illumination method is more unpretentious, relying on the reflected light. 

close up of the moon with the right side in shadow.

With the gentle illumination that the moon brings, we can learn more about our desires and inner feelings, our shadow self, and the potential we have yet to discover about ourselves.

The progression of life 

From the new moon to the full moon and back, the moon constantly goes through a cycle of eight distinct phases, which symbolize the passing of one’s life.

The cycle of birth, aging, death, and rebirth is nature’s doctrine, and every human must go through this. And the moon’s phases perfectly grasp this concept.

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bright glowing moon in the sky above mountains and a man's silhouette.

The new moon represents birth, followed by the waxing moon, which signifies our progress toward adulthood. Finally, the full moon refers to the prime of our lives, after which we move towards decline and, ultimately, death.


Have you ever felt your emotions heightening during a full moon? This is completely normal since the moon is deeply connected to our feelings. 

Everything magnifies when the moon is the highest and brightest. Whether it is in terms of romance, aggression, or grief, this celestial object can strongly impact how you feel and behave. This is pretty evident in animals such as werewolves that tend to get highly active at night.

Darkness & mystery 

The moon is a mysterious entity. It comes out when the sky becomes dark and everyone sleeps, so we have no idea what is happening outside while we are dozing off. This gives the moon its characteristic gloomy and mysterious aura.

close up of a large full moon.


The sun and the moon are two halves of a whole. Without day, there is no night. Without darkness, there is no light. Therefore, we need the moon and the sun to work in harmony to create balance in the world and ensure its proper functioning.

Similarly, these entities also represent the dichotomy between conscious and unconscious, wisdom and naivety, knowledge and ignorance, and, of course, the yin and yang.

Different types of moon dreams

Moon crashing to earth

Dreaming about the moon crashing down has several interpretations. Firstly, it foretells significant changes in your life and how you should be ready to accept and adapt to them.

Moon rising above the horizon

Seeing a moon rise above the horizon is a good omen. It signifies that you are financially succeeding in your career. At the same time, you need to stay moderate in your lifestyle; otherwise, all your achievements might go down the drain. 

crescent moon in a hazy sky above a forest and mountain.

Alternatively, a rising moon is an indicator of positive change. For example, you may finally get the promotion you have been working so hard for or win the lottery, which will turn your life all the way around.

Moon fading

Seeing a moon fading into the distance is a sign that a chapter in your life is about to come to an end. It might foretell a close friend’s loss, betrayal from your partner, or separation from loved family members and friends. 

Likewise, this dream is also a reminder not to sweep things under the rug all the time but instead try to figure out the problem and resolve it amongst yourselves. 

Is the moon of a specific type?

Full moon

Just like the majestic beauty of a full moon, dreaming about it means that good things are coming your way. You may find true love, profit well in your business or recover from a chronic illness. For pregnant ladies, dreaming about a full moon suggests the birth of a gorgeous baby boy. 

Learn more about the spiritual meaning of the different moon phases.

Red moon

The color red is associated with danger and misfortune. Similarly, seeing a red moon in your dreams predicts an upcoming accident or challenge in your life.

a deep orange full moon in the night sky.

It is a sign for you to think over your decisions as they might have a negative impact on your mental health and social life. Trust your instincts if they keep telling you to avoid a particular venture or person.

Orange moon

Like a blood moon, dreaming about an orange moon is also a warning message. It signifies that a severe disease or accident will strike one of your close friends and family members. Therefore, pay close attention to your loved ones and be ready to fight against the harsh adversities that life throws at you. 

The common meaning of the moon in your dreams

Moons are one of the most beautiful and versatile celestial objects everyone adores. They appear in various forms in both real life and dreams. However, there is a deeper meaning behind them in your imagination than in reality. 

To truly understand and interpret their significance in your dreams, try to remember the moon variant you see along with its other characteristics. This interpretation helps you prepare for the upcoming challenges, ultimately helping you achieve peace and success.