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What Do Owl Dreams Mean?

Owls carry powerful symbolism when you see them in dreams. But what they mean for each individual depends on the circumstances.

Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung both agreed that dreams reflect what we may be grappling with in our subconscious mind. Here are some possible meanings for the appearance of an owl in your dream. 

What it means to dream of an owl

Owls symbolize an awareness of the hidden parts of your consciousness and spirituality, especially gifts and challenges that you need to confront and may be avoiding.

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a small brown owl on a moss covered rock.

A baby owl

Dreaming of a baby owl means the beginning of a new experience, possibly the discovery of your spiritual calling or gifts, leading you to uncharted territory.

A dying or dead owl

This dream is a warning of a negative experience which you must try to avoid, like an accident or a medical problem confronting you or a loved one.

Dreaming of being attacked by an owl

This is a very common owl dream which usually represents your fear about events that are outside your control, perhaps an unwanted life change.

Dreaming of an owl speaking to you

This dream reveals a deep spiritual message coming to you from the afterlife, often connecting you to a loved one who has passed away.

Flying owl

If you dream of a flying owl, it means that you’re in the process of escaping some kind of serious danger. Be wary, because you’re not home free yet.

Dreaming of an owl bite

This dream signals a painful situation which you’ve been avoiding, telling you it’s time to stop ignoring the problem. 

And injured owl

This is a sign that you’re about to encounter some very difficult times which will make you feel like your spirit is broken.

An owl watching you

Dreaming of an owl watching you means that gut feeling you have is correct, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Your intuition was right all along.

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Holding an owl

Holding an owl in your dream signals that some injury or accident is headed your way. Most likely you will be temporarily out of commission as a result.

Different types of owls

Dreaming of a barn owl can signal a missed opportunity, while a barred owl means you’re getting closer to your true life’s calling.

Different owl colors

The color of the owl in your dream may also carry significance. Here are the different owl colors and what they mean.

Dreaming of a snowy owl

An exciting omen, a dream about a snowy owl means you’re about to have a secret, romantic meeting which may lead to new love.

Black owl

Dreaming of a black owl usually means you are going through a transformation which may involve fixing mistakes from your past.

Brown owl

A brown owl is a symbol of nurturing and fertility. It can signal a coming pregnancy, or just the need to show others forgiveness and patience.

Gray owl

Dreaming of a gray owl is a message that you need to get ready for some big changes in your life, which may be either positive or negative.

Owls are fascinating creatures which our subconscious mind can use to bring us all kinds of messages from our dreams. No matter what your dream owl is telling you, it’s always wise to pay attention.