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Peacock Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About Peacocks?

Exuberant, eye-catching, and undeniably gorgeous, peacocks have caught people’s attention since immemorial. These birds are known for their bright iridescent plumage and gracious stride that exudes dignity, poise, and elegance.

In addition to their magnificent look, peacocks are also among the largest flying birds. They prefer high roosting places and can go as high as eight feet.

close up of a peacock's bright blue head.

But what does it mean when a bird this modest yet exquisite finds its way into your dream realm? And what message may it have for you? Let’s find out.

The symbolism of peacocks

Peacocks have appeared time and again throughout history and hold immense value in diverse cultures. 

As the national bird of India, these are important figures in Hindu culture and are associated with several deities. For example, Murugan, the God of war, is often depicted as riding a peacock, while Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is always known to have them by her side.

In the Bible, these mystical birds are associated with pride, beauty, and resurrection. Additionally, they are considered the epitome of power and royalty since only kings and those in higher positions were permitted to own them.

a male peacock roosting in a tree in the forest.

Hera, the queen of the Greek gods and the wife of Zeus, is also associated with peacocks. Legend has it that she transferred her guardian Argus’s eyes to the tails of peacocks so that he could continue to watch over the world.

Peacocks also appear in Renaissance art, where they symbolize excessive pride and eternal life.

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Peacocks in our dreams

So, what does it mean when these regal and confident birds show up in our dreams? These are a few interpretations of what a peacock in your dream may symbolize.


Peacocks’ brilliant and colorful nature has frequently inspired people’s imagination and creative energy. 

Likewise, seeing them in your dream means you will soon experience a similar burst of inspiration to unlock your creativity and talent. 

a peacock standing in a garden with colorful plants.

So, whether you are finding the motivation to start a new portrait or working on your music, don’t stop. This might be the time your art gets recognition, and you can showcase your talent on a bigger platform.  

Wealth and abundance

With feathers symbolizing luxury and gold, the appearance of peacocks may signify that you will soon find great prosperity or experience astounding success.

Did you just get fired from your job? Or are you going through financial turmoil? A peacock in your dream may be a message that your efforts will soon find their payoff, and you will come into significant material wealth. 

Love life

To many people, peacocks serve as Kuan Yin’s eyes, a Buddhist legend that sowed seeds of love and compassion. Therefore, dreaming of these feathered creatures could foretell a positive turn in your relationship life.

close up of a male peacock with feathers on display.

If you are single, you will soon meet someone with whom you will instantly connect. And if you are committed, your love life might experience new heights that will build the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship.  

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Peacocks are notoriously famous for their vanity. As preening birds that flaunt their majestic plumage, they can symbolize overconfidence to the point of arrogance.

Therefore, peacock dreams might be a warning call to readjust your attitude so that you don’t fall prey to arrogance or face troubles in the future.

The symbolism of peacock behavior in dreams

The peacock is squawking  

Dreaming about a squawking peacock signals that you are an extreme people pleaser and that this habit of yours is starting to take a toll on your mental and physical health. 

It would be best if you take some time to catch your breath, reevaluate your priorities and stop worrying about unnecessary things. 

For a businessman, a squawking peacock is a warning about potential future problems and losses in his business.

Whereas, if a single man dreams about a shouting peacock, it hints that he will suffer from a major heartbreak due to the loss of his current partner. 

The peacock is flying

If you see a peacock flying above you, then it is an indication of your flawed character. 

You might be winning at life right now and, as a result, have become pretentious to others. However, it can get taken away from you in a flash if you continue with this boastful attitude and neglect your loved ones. 

Alternatively, dreaming about a peacock flying back to its nest is a good omen that predicts happiness and luck coming your way.

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The peacock is lying down

Seeing a peacock lying down can mean different things for different genders. 

For example, if a man dreams about this, then it is likely that he will be fired or put down from his current position and face financial difficulties. 

a blue peacock's head and neck.

Whereas, if a woman dreams about the same thing, it means that she dearly loves and worries about her family and should try to relax and cherish the present moments with them.

The peacock is fighting

Similar to dreaming about flying peacocks, dreaming about peacock fights is a sign that you are too full of yourself. 

There is no harm in being proud of your progress, but you should never consider yourself superior to others because of these achievements.

Remember that if you don’t cherish your loved ones during the good times, you won’t have anyone to rely on during the bad times either. 

Is the peacock a specific color?

Black peacock

Seeing a black peacock in your dream is an alarming message. It foretells that something or someone is casting negative energy on your life and lingering in the shadows, waiting to harm, use or betray you in the future. 

Take this warning seriously and try to learn the true intentions of those around you. 

White peacock

A white peacock is a symbol of tolerance, understanding, and sensitivity. 

Dreaming of a white peacock is a sign of pursuing spiritual success and worldly achievements. You might prioritize these temporary affairs right now, but it is time to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Discover the true purpose of life and seek answers to questions you have always wondered about. After all, there is more to life than just chasing materialistic success. 

Learn even more about the symbolism of peacocks.

The common meaning of peacocks in your dreams

Apart from their beauty, peacocks are known for their friendly and confident personality. And dreaming about these warm, energetic birds is often seen as a good omen and sign of prosperity and peace. 

However, to fully understand the message they bring for you, it is vital to pay close attention to peacocks and their actions in your dreams. 

After all, it is better to prepare yourself for what’s about to happen rather than let it overwhelm you in the future.