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Rabbit Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About Rabbits?

The rabbit is cute, quick, fertile, and found everywhere in the world but Antarctica. These hopping bundles of fur live side by side with humans and are the nemesis of neighborhood gardeners.

a white rabbit in the grass at dusk.

Rabbits are the subjects of beloved stories and can be cherished pets. As common as the rabbit is, it would make sense that it may appear in our dreams. So what does it mean when rabbits show up in our dreams?

The rabbit as a symbol

The rabbit has been a symbol in many cultures throughout history. In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit indicates good luck; within Chinese culture, it is considered a symbol of longevity. The Egyptian goddess Isis is often depicted with rabbit ears or a rabbit head.

long-haired man holding a brown rabbit to his chest.

In Christianity, the rabbit is a symbol of humility and sacrifice. Literary or media depictions have sometimes made the rabbit a symbol of laziness or deception.

Bunnies in our dreams

So if we are dreaming about rabbits, what does it mean? There are a few interpretations of what a rabbit in your dream may symbolize.

Fertility or abundance

The fertility of rabbits is well known; rabbits can become pregnant again immediately after birth resulting in the possibility of having up to 30 babies during breeding season!

A rabbit in our dreams may be a messenger about your fertility, your desire for children, or potentially, a soon-to-be pregnancy.

a tiny fluffy white bunny held in a woman's palms.

If children are not your current focus, a rabbit in your dream may symbolize abundance. A message telling you to focus on the abundance around you or even a signal that abundance is headed your way.


Rabbits are notoriously skittish. Without their speedy and powerful legs to get them to safety, they are likely to be somebody’s lunch.

A dream with a rabbit may mean you are feeling vulnerable in the face of a challenge. It may also indicate that you need to be more confident about an upcoming event.

red-haired woman holding a gray rabbit close to her.


A rabbit in your dream may mean you are worried someone in your life is not being truthful with you. It may be a message about your own attempts at deception or manipulation of others.

It may be a signal to examine the trust in your relationships or consider how you behave with the people who trust you.

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A bunny zipping through your dreams may indicate your need for quick thinking or that you have quickly solved problems in the past. But, on the other hand, the rabbit may be a messenger that it is time to stop dragging your feet and find solutions or alternatives to the path you are on.

Famous rabbits in your dreams

There are quite a few famous rabbits in literature, movies, and even the modern Easter traditions. Here’s a look at the top three that might be influencing your subconscious:

Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit

If you dream of the White Rabbit from this beloved children’s novel and movie, you may be concerned about time. The White Rabbit is always concerned about being late. You may be having time management issues if you see him in your dreams.

small white rabbit sitting in the woods.

The White Rabbit may also mean you are worried about being led astray, led down a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down. Reflect on the advice you have received or choices you have been encouraged to make; you may have some reservations.

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit

A dream of Peter Rabbit may mean you are feeling nostalgic for your childhood. Children’s books are safe and consistent elements of our childhood, it may mean you are longing for safety.

a wild brown rabbit in a grassy field.

Peter Rabbit in your dreams may also mean you are looking to rebel just as he did against his mother’s instructions. Do you have a desire to ignore some guidelines and go looking for greener pastures? Don’t forget the challenges that confronted Peter, be thoughtful about your rebellion.

Easter Bunny

Dreams of the Easter Bunny may mean you are eager for spring or have a sense of renewal. Those of us in locations with long winters may have dreams of spring.

The Easter Bunny may also indicate that you need to look for something or are worried something is hidden from you. If you see the Easter Bunny skipping through your dreams, consider what you may have lost track of.

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Common meanings of rabbits appearing in dreams

When you dream of these cute little creatures, they may have a message for you. Rabbits may show up in your dreams to bring important messages or reminders. If you see a rabbit in your dream, take a moment to think about what it may be trying to tell you, you may be grateful you did.