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Raven Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About Ravens?

Ravens are remarkably intelligent and mysterious creatures that have fascinated humans for centuries. These jet-black birds with their chisel-shaped beaks and glossy, iridescent feathers live alongside us and are often found acrobatically plummeting through the air or hanging out on your fencing.

a raven perched on a branch against the bright blue sky.

They are specifically known for their cleverness and sharp instincts, which gives them an edge when tackling challenging situations like scavenging and food hunting.

But what does it mean when these avian species fly into our dreams?

Let’s examine the raven as a symbol and what messages it may have for you when it finds its way into your dream realm.

The symbolism of ravens

Ravens are magnificent birds that people have observed and assigned various meanings to for centuries. 

They have appeared numerous times in the Bible, symbolizing incapability and unreliability. Raven was the first bird Noah sent to confirm the receding floodwaters. But, it didn’t fulfill this duty and distracted the prophet from his quest.

black and white photo of a raven perched in a dead tree.

In Greek mythology, ravens are linked with Apollo and Athena, deities affiliated with the light of wisdom and the sun. Legend has it that these birds were once all white but were turned black by Apollo for their blabber-mouth tendencies.

In native American cultures, a raven is both a mischievous figure that can wreak havoc as well as the bringer of light that creates and shapes reality.  

Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem “Raven” associated the animal with loss and death and garnered a more sinister reputation.

Ravens in our dreams

What does it mean a bird so smart yet so dreary shows up in our dreams? These are a few interpretations of what a raven in your dream may symbolize.


Are you in a situation that requires you to give up your old habits? Or are you having trouble adapting to an unfamiliar environment? If so, a raven dream may be a sign to gear up and mold yourself according to your settings.

silhouette of two ravens on a branch at dusk.

Like raven’s uncanny ability to adapt and survive different environments, you should believe in yourself and prepare to take whatever life throws. Just go with the flow, and don’t be afraid to try new things or explore new territories.

Loss and Death

The pitch-black feathers of the raven represent darkness, loss, and death. Therefore, the appearance of this ominous, evil bird is considered a bad omen and may foretell the death of a loved one. 

Likewise, it may indicate a period of darkness where you might struggle with your relationship, career, or habits.


One of the most recognized qualities of ravens is their ability to mimic the call of other birds and even human speech. This is why they represent wisdom and intellect.

Seeing a raven in your dream may signify that you are clever, quick-witted, and can cope well with new problems and situations. 

three ravens perched on gravestones in a cemetery.

So, have faith in your abilities to stand on your feet and overcome obstacles based on your knowledge and intellect. After all, who would know better what’s best for you rather than you?

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Unlike their audacious cousins (yes, we are talking about crows!), ravens are more cautious and prefer to travel alone. Dreaming of ravens may mean you wish to seek quiet places to escape the world’s chaos and focus on yourself. 

So, go ahead and take that much-needed break from your busy life; have a day off from work and solo travel to your favorite destination. After all, some private time can help you be more in tune with yourself and better serve others.

The symbolism of raven behavior in dreams

To see a dead raven

Contrary to popular belief, dreaming about a dead raven is a good omen. It is a sign that the current problems you are facing are going to end soon if you keep fighting with determination. 

Maybe your partner cheated on you, or a close friend betrayed you; anyone who has done wrong to you will realize what they lost, but it is up to you to welcome them back into your life or cut off contact with them altogether. 

Alternatively, seeing more than one dead raven indicates that someone close to you will betray and disappoint you. It can come from your spouse, children, or friends, so try to learn their true intentions behind associating with you. 

To see an injured raven

An injured raven presages a dangerous situation in the near future. You are likely an unsuspecting person that is easy to prey on and manipulate into doing things that don’t align with your personal belief and opinions.

This personality will land you in lots of trouble, so it is time you learn from your experiences and remain firm-footed over your ideas. 

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To see a raven following you

Dreaming about a raven following you means that someone is trying to target your employment opportunities. It may come from a colleague trying to steal your promotion or spreading rumors about you to ruin your reputation. 

black and white photo of a raven perched on a narrow pole.

Consequently, seeing two ravens following you indicates that this betrayal will come from your romantic partner. Whatever the case is, you need to be careful about who you can rely on for your financial and emotional support.

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To see a raven on the roof

If you see a raven sitting on the roof, then it speaks about your love and dedication to your family. You are a workaholic who is constantly struggling to make ends meet since you are the family’s sole breadwinner. Your loved ones appreciate and rely on you, but at the same time, there is no harm in taking out some time for yourself to relax and live a little.

To see a flying raven

Seeing a raven flying above you is a reminder to pursue your hobbies and interests while managing worldly affairs. Continuously stressing about materialistic achievements will get you nowhere, but giving time to things that you love to do will surely leave you content and happy. 

If the bird is aiming for the sky, it is advised to start seeing the bigger picture and change your perspective on life. Whereas, if the raven is constantly dipping and rising, it signifies that an upcoming project will need you to stay patient and cooperate with fellow teammates. 

Common meanings of ravens in your dreams

In most native legends, ravens are considered a bad omen and a symbol of mischief and bad luck. However, if these inquisitive birds keep showing up in your dreams, chances are that they might be trying to tell you something significant about your future. 

To know and understand whether dreaming about a raven is a good or bad omen, you must pay attention to your dreams and read about their symbolism in detail.