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Symbolism of Snakes in Dreams

Snake symbolism is often deep and powerful. Snakes have been associated with both good and bad events throughout history. And when you find them showing up in your dreams, it’s essential to know the scenarios where you saw them to find the meaning they hold to your personal life.

a black and white illustration of a black snake covered with stars and moons.

The most popular snake symbolisms from around the world

Before snakes became a favorite mythical creature for pop culture references, they had solid historical roots that date thousands of years ago from across the globe.

Here are three of the most popular ones:

1. Immortality and fortune

The snakes’ ability to shed skin earned them the reputation of rebirth or renewal. This attribute is why they’re tied to the concept of immortality—a never-ending cycle of life.

In Chinese culture, the snake is said to have an underground kingdom packed with treasures. This birthed the practice of praying for wealth and money at snake temples.

 2. Fertility and wisdom

Snakes symbolize fertility to the ancient Celts. They believe these creatures promote creation. They’re also said to represent the male reproductive organ, which is then associated with producing offspring.

Because snakes are seen as one of the oldest creatures inhabiting the earth, they’re linked to ancient knowledge. They’re symbols of wisdom, understanding, and profound truth. 

3. Evil and mischief

Few religions view snakes as symbols of sin & temptation. They’re crafty creatures capable of deceit and mischief. They’re often depicted with an air of mystery, which some people treat as a bad omen.

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Snake dream scenarios and their meanings

Deciphering the meaning of snake dreams requires us to look deeper into specific situations about our encounters. Below are six common scenarios with their meaning. 

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a blue snake on a black background sticking its tongue out.

Bitten by a snake 

A snake biting you in your dreams can mean healing. It can symbolize relief from physical or emotional pain you’ve been dealing with for a while. A snake bite can also indicate a sudden change in your health condition for the better.

However, there’s a grimmer counterpart to the good stuff. Being bitten by a snake can be a warning of impending harm surrounding you. It can be from toxic people or even an underlying health condition you aren’t aware of.

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Multiple snakes appearing together or one after another

Dreaming of many snakes surrounding you signifies internal chaos affecting your life. On the other hand, a snake appearing one after another can mean life challenges that’ll test your inner strength. 

Being chased by a snake

Running away from a snake is strongly tied to feelings of anxiety. This dream mirrors your strong, subconscious desire for a change in your life in terms of financial, marital, or professional.

Dreaming of a snake that’s chasing you also indicates the need to escape the boredom brought about by repetition. If you see the snake clearly in your dream, it means you know what’s making you anxious. 

On the contrary, if you have no recollection of what the snake looks like, it can signal multiple anxiety-inducing people or events in your life.

Dreaming of a snake in your bed, inside the house, or in the bathroom

Any dream involving a snake indoors can mean impending dangers you may or may not be aware of. Perhaps someone close is bound to betray you in the future. It can also symbolize harmful thoughts you’ve been struggling with.

Are you prone to overthinking? Do you worry a lot without any reason? A dream with snakes loitering indoors can be a warning sign for immediate danger. 

Dreaming of a dead snake

Dreaming of a dead snake can represent triumph against a significant obstacle. Have you struggled with a problem recently? Seeing a dead snake in your sleep can be that long-awaited solution to that struggle.

Dreaming of a dead snake also means peace of mind from the shackles of a toxic relationship. If you’ve ever had people around that zap the energy out of you, this dream can symbolize letting go. Perhaps it’s about time you decide to detach and walk away for your mental health. 

Holding or capturing a snake

Dreaming of capturing or holding a snake can signify a critical turning point in your life that requires a big decision. It can be a career change, the end of a toxic relationship, or even a change in your current location. 

two female hands holding a coiled brown snake.

Have you always felt like traveling is your calling? Perhaps you’re bound to understand yourself better by moving away from home. Dreaming of holding a snake symbolizes your ability to tap into that wisdom necessary to achieve a goal. 

Is dreaming about snakes a good or bad omen? 

Snakes, as cultural symbolisms, have rich history and traditions tied to them. Likewise, dreams involving snakes can be both good and bad.

An important thing to consider when they show up in your dreams is your feelings about it. Are you scared? Did you feel threatened when going face-to-face with a snake?

Were you at peace? What was that prevailing emotion you had during that lucid dream encounter? 

If you woke up feeling nervous or scared, then chances are, it’s tied to a negative sentiment you’ve had about someone or something.

If you felt nothing negative about the dream, it’s safe to say you’re looking at something good coming soon. 

a white Roman-style bust statue with a snake wrapped around the face.

Common reasons why you’ll dream about snakes 

Snake dreams are tied to emotions that you may or may not have acknowledged. Multiple dreams about snakes can signal the following reasons:

  • Unresolved tension with someone close to you, either a family member or coworker
  • A goal or dream you can’t let go of but also can’t fully commit
  • A toxic relationship
  • A sudden life change that’ll require you to make a huge decision or a random leap of faith
  • Healing from emotional or physical pain

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