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The Most Beautiful Baby Names that Mean Dream

Dreams are mysterious and almost magical creations of the mind. In addition to the dreams we have while asleep, the word ‘dream’ also refers to hopes and goals for the future. The beautiful symbolism of both meanings of the word make it a powerful, positive, and unique name for a new baby.

a tiny sleeping newborn baby girl with black hair in a pink knitted dress.

If you’re a dreamer, fascinated by the symbolism in our dreams, or just want an interesting name for your baby that has wonderful connotations, Dream or another name that means dream or has celestial significance is an excellent choice!

The name Dream

The name Dream in English is most commonly a female name, although it can be a name for a baby boy, as well. This baby name has seen an increase in popularity over the last several years, including being used by basketball player Allen Iverson for his daughter born in 2008, and by Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna for their daughter born in 2016.

Dreama or Drema

If you’re looking for something a little different, Dreama (also spelled Drema) is another option, with the soft vowel sound at the end making the name even more feminine.

Examples of this name are the American actresses Dreama Walker and Dreama Perry Denver. According to, Dreama is a name of American origin which means “joyous music.”

full moon in a deep blue sky fading into deep orange at the horizon.

The most beautiful dreamy girl names:

Aisling / Ashling

This Irish name means “vision” or “dream”. Aisling is similar in sound to the name Ashley, but ending with the sound “ling” instead of “lee.”

Aislin / Aislinn / Ashlin

Variation on the traditional Irish name Aisling above. It can be spelled several different ways, but all are pronounced “ash-lin.”

Alora / Elora

This gorgeous Latin and Hebrew-derived name means “my beautiful dream” or “dreamer.” Alora is also an African name, meaning “my dream” in the Bantu language.

Another meaning of Alora is “God is light,” from Hebrew. The spelling Elora also means “sun light” name is derived from Eliora and Eleanor.


The name Amani is primarily translated from Arabic, meaning “wishes”. It’s also said to mean “one who dreams” and “faith.” In the African language Swahili, Amani means “peace” or “harmony.” This lovely feminine name is brimming with strong, positive meanings.


This name has its origins in two languages: in Sanskrit, meaning “fulfilling one’s dreams,” and from Russian meaning “grace.” Anoushka is typically regarded as a form of Anne or Anna.


There are several origins of this name and it appears in many forms around the globe. It can mean “a dream” or “vision.” As an Arabic name, it means “sunshine” or “powerful.”


Chimere is a French name meaning “dream.” In Nigerian, this name means “God gives.”


This floral-sounding name can mean “passionate” or “one who achieves dreams.” It is a variation of Daisy.


Hayali is a beautiful Arabic name meaning “dream” or “dream girl.”


This unique and feminine African name means “faith,” “hope”, or “dream.” All of its meanings are incredibly perfect for a blessed newborn baby girl.


Isleen (also spelled Eileen) is an Irish name meaning “dream,” “vision,” or “beautiful dream.” This spelling uses the word “Isle” meaning island, which adds another layer of meaning.

a young red-haired girl sleeping next to a fluffy dog.


The name Juli (also Julie or Julia) comes from Latin origin and means “youthful” and “high dreams.” The combination of these meanings as well as how it sounds like the word “jewel” bring to mind stars, the cosmos, and high aspirations.


Kanasu is a lovely girl’s name with Indian origin. This name means “dream,” “dreamy,” or “fantasy.”


Maya is a super popular (for good reason) name most commonly meaning “dream” or “illusion.” This simple, pretty name is derived from Sanskrit and can also mean “magic.” Interestingly, there are versions of this name all over the world, such as the Hebrew Maya which means “water.” In Maori, the name means “courage.” In Greek, the name means “mother.”


This French name means “daydream.” It is also the name of a famous piece of music by Claude Debussy. This pretty name comes from the French word rêver, meaning “to dream.”


This Persian name means “dream” or “vision.” It’s a common name in Iran and Afghanistan. It’s short and sweet, with a very feminine feel. In English, it brings to mind the word “royal.”


Sanja is a beautiful Slavic name meaning “she dreams.” This name is derived from the name Sanjati. In German, this name means “wisdom.” The combination of these meanings as “wise female dreamer” makes it a wonderful name for a baby girl.


Sovanna is of Sanskrit and Cambodian origin and it means “golden” or “dream.” This exquisite and unique female name is one of the most beautiful on this list – both in meaning and how it sounds.


Yume is a short and beautiful name meaning “dream,” “vision,” and “abundance,” as well as “bud” or “sprout.” The symbolism of dreaming of an abundance of sprouts, or new plant life is powerful and full of positive energy.

Star, moon, and other celestial baby names

If you’re interested in the symbolism of dreams, sleep the magic of the night sky or the cosmos, there are still so many more beautiful baby names to consider!

silhouette of a girl against a sunset with crescent moon in the sky and birds flying.

Think of names representing celestial bodies, constellations, the moon and stars. Let’s dive into this hand-picked list of the most beautiful celestial baby names.


Top of the list has to be Luna! This lovely and increasingly popular name translates simply to “moon.” It’s short, sweet, and the perfect name for a baby girl born at night, or born to parents with an affinity for the moon or astrology.

The moon represents the passage of time, the changing of the seasons, and feminine goddess energies. Read more about what the moon means in my post about the symbolism of luna moths.


This gorgeous name is derived from Latin and Italian and means “star.” Prior to 1590, the name was Estella or Estelle. It’s known that one Sir Philip Sidney first used the name, shortened to Stella, and its popularity grew from there.


Astrid is a girl’s name of Scandinavian origin. While the Old Norse meaning of this name is “divine beauty,”, it can also be taken to mean “radiant star” from the Greek word for star, astron.

Celena / Selena

This name is of Greek origin and like the name Luna, it means “the moon.” Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon.


Ayla is a beautiful celestial name from Turkish, meaning “halo of light around the moon.” Another interpretation of its meaning is simply “moonlight.” Both are beautiful and make it a very special name for a baby girl.


Chandra is a name of Sanskrit origin that means “moon,” “glittering,” and “bright.” The symbolism of a bright and glittering moon is perfect for a baby born on a full moon.


The name Diana has a few different meanings, but all are quite heavenly. Diana is derived from the latin word divus, meaning “divine.” Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon. This name can also mean “luminous” or “perfect.”


This sweet name is said to mean “child of the moon.” In Hebrew, it means “given by God.” It can also mean “promised one.”


Aruna is a pretty Japanese name meaning “second moon,” “moon love,” or “moon in the sky.”


Jaci is a beautiful Native American name meaning “moon.” In Greek, it’s derived from the male name Jason, meaning “healer.” As a shortened version of the Spanish Jacinda, it means hyacinth, a beautiful flower that is typically purple or pink.


Mahina is a Hawaiian name meaning “moonlight” or “moon.” Mahina is the Hawaiian goddess of the moon.


Sasi is an Indian name that comes from Sanskrit. It’s also found in nearby Nepal. This lovely two-syllable name translates simply to “moon.”


This Greek-derived name translates to “new moon,” making it the perfect name for a little girl born on the new moon! Neoma is similar to the Hebrew named Naomi, meaning “pleasant one” or “beauty.”


This uncommon and incredibly beautiful name is African, meaning “moonlight” in Swahili. Zira is also a Hebrew name meaning “messenger.” This name can also be interpreted to mean “the way.”

a pink and blue sky with hazy clouds and a full moon.

The word dream in other languages:

Want even more inspiration? Take a look at this list of beautiful words meaning “dream” in other languages:

  • French: Rêver
  • German: Traum
  • Irish: Aisling
  • Spanish: Sueño
  • Italian: Sognare
  • Galician: Soñar
  • Finnish: Unelma