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Unicorn Symbolism: What Do Dreams About Unicorns Mean?

Our dreams may often appear mysterious and intriguing, leaving us to wonder about the true meaning of those symbols, creatures, feelings, and events. The sensation we experience sticks to our souls and pushes us toward a detailed examination of both the dream and ourselves.

Night scene with glowing unicorn, blue butterflies and crystals.

We understand your pursuit and therefore seek to help and give answers to your questions. And today’s one is: What does it mean to dream about unicorns?

A brief historical overview of the symbolism of unicorns

Unicorns have appeared throughout history and have held a connotation that has only slightly altered to this day. From the early Mesopotamian artworks and ancient myths of India and China, the horse-like, single-horned creature was there to protect and cure.

As a Biblical animal, unicorns are defined as fierce and strong, tamed only by the Virgin Maiden. They’re an inspiration, and the horn is salvation. They weren’t a myth; people truly believed in the existence of unicorns. 

They appeared in Medieval art, books, and hence the symbolism of the unicorn has survived and blended into the art of today, being displayed almost everywhere.

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Unicorn: A symbol of purity

Unicorns are pure; they have an unattainable aura that reminds us to breathe, be free, and be true to ourselves. They want us to return to our carefree youth and restore our belief in the impossible.

It’s easy to lose faith in your creativity in this busy, overwhelming world, but a unicorn is a sign, a clue to your own path of imagination. Don’t waste what’s true within you, and believe in the intuition this magical creature brings. It’s like an insight from the other realm. 

Remember, only those of pure hearts and souls have the ability to see and tame a unicorn.

What do dreams about unicorns represent?

The meaning of your dream is always a consequence of many events, most of which you’re probably not even aware of. Hence, before reading a general overview of the meaning of unicorns in dreams, think about your current situation. 

Misty forest scene with a white winged unicorn and a princess in a long peach gown.

What are your current doubts, expectations, and worries? What do you want to solve? Are you stuck in an uninspiring job? Have relationships with someone close to you become unsettling?

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After answering these questions, you can check the different unicorn dream meanings.

Meanings of different unicorn colors in your dream

Colors have a strong definition. One brings joy; the other brings grief. Therefore, they’re one of our main hints when interpreting dreams.

Some may find this to be a somewhat superficial reference, but the symbolism of colors rises from our deepest feelings and natural associations. It’s therefore engraved in your subconscious, emerging through your dreams.

White unicorns

Unicorns most commonly appear white and mean good fortune. White represents purity and innocence, giving space for growth. 

When you dream about white unicorns, you should embrace them as your guide since they bring good luck and abundance. They encourage you to continue to grow a new idea or business or just believe that the path you’re on right now is the right one.

Also, unicorns can represent somebody you’ve recently met, giving you the green light for your new acquaintance.

Blue unicorns

If you have doubts regarding the fidelity of your partner and have fears about your relationship, then blue will definitely bring you peace of mind! 

Blue unicorns mean loyalty between you and your partner. Hence, try to truly indulge in the beautiful moments of your relationship, share your doubts if needed, and let the worries go.

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Black unicorns

Due to black being the inversion of white, it may represent lost innocence. However, black may not always be associated with the “bad.” 

Embracing a black unicorn and seeing it fly freely means you dared to free your fears, accept them, and overcome them.

If you had a troublesome event, a hard time at work, a doubtful period, or a loss of a loved one, this means you’re ready to face those hard moments and let them go.

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Rainbow unicorns

This means wealth. So rejoice, and keep doing what you’ve been doing since rainbow unicorns are a certain sight of success. 

It’s maybe time you step up your game and make the business deal you’ve been waiting for years. 

Meanings of different unicorn actions in your dream

Actions always mean something – both in real life and in dreams – and rarely go unnoticed!

To see what a certain action in your dream represents, check out our theories below.

A flying unicorn

This means you’ve been longing for something for a very long time. Whether it’s going to new places or doing new things, a flying unicorn is a call to action.

Pink unicorn with wings reared in the grass in a mountain scene.

You’re ready to make the step toward your goals. No more postponing your dreams! Fly with a unicorn, and create the future you want.

Riding a unicorn

If you dreamt about riding a unicorn, you’re probably just a step away from certain success (most commonly in business).

You’re on the path of joy and luck. The freedom you felt in your dream is a feeling you must hold on to. So embrace it, and let it lead you through your daily tasks.

Harming a unicorn

This is a rare occasion when unicorns are a representation of something bad. It means you’ve turned your back on the innocent (your partner, family member, friend, or even colleague).

Think about your previous actions, as well as future ones. Seek harmony, and try to reshape your life. Analyze your relationships with people and think about how to improve them.

Is dreaming about unicorns a bad thing?

Unicorns have always been creatures that help and inspire. You shouldn’t fear dreams that include them. Instead, think of them as blessings — a sign to improve and embrace your true nature, which you most likely held captive for a long time. Learn more about unicorn symbolism.

Unicorns tell you that this is your time and your moment to be free. Hence, unleash your creativity, and live to the fullest.

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