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What Do Bald Eagle Dreams Mean?

The bald eagle, native to North America and once close to extinction, is a symbol of freedom and the United States’ national bird. The bald eagle can have a wingspan of up to 7 1/2 feet, 2-inch talons, and a razor-sharp beak.

A bald eagle staring at the camera, surrounded by darkness.

Today bald eagles have come back from a population of less than 800. Despite this, seeing one gliding through the air or hearing their high-pitched call still feels magical.

So what does it mean when we see one of these noble birds in our dreams?

Eagle symbolism

Many of the indigenous tribes of North America believed the eagle to be a symbol of strength and bravery. As a result, their feathers were used in important rituals and to make regalia the most respected tribal members.

The bird became the symbol of the United States in the late 1700s during the nation’s establishment. A bald eagle was chosen because eagles had been seen as a symbol of power since Roman times. 

Bald eagles appearing in our dreams

When a bald eagle shows in your dream world, it can mean a variety of things, all of them positive!

More bird dream meanings

Remember your power

An eagle in your dreams may be a symbol of your power. A message that you have agency over your own life. A reminder you and maybe only you have the capacity to change your life.

Remain focused

A bald eagle may symbolize it is time to focus on your dreams or current opportunities. The eagle is a skilled hunter who is not afraid to fail. Keep an intense focus on what you want to accomplish, regardless of mistakes made along the way.

Trust your intuition

The bald eagle soaring through your dream world may be a sign to trust your intuition. Trust your intuition if you feel like an opportunity or situation is not a good fit for you.

a black and white image of a perched bald eagle.

On the other hand, maybe something has come up in your life that feels right, but the external world is giving you negative feedback. Ignore the critics and go with your gut.

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Landing on you

A bald eagle landing on you, your arm, or your shoulder indicates its time to take control over your life or areas of your life. Don’t be afraid to use your strength to make necessary changes.

Bald eagle attack

If you dream of a bald eagle attacking you, this could signify that someone will desire to take money or assets from you. It is a sign to be on the lookout to protect yourself and your finances. Consider who is close to you and what their financial interest in your business might be.

Dead or dying bald eagle

A dead or dying bald eagle may indicate you feel you have fallen from a place of power. Or, possibly, someone is waiting in the wings to take a position of power you hold. Additionally, be aware of how important your status is to you. Is it more important than it needs to be? 

an illustration of a flying bald eagle

Bald eagle flying

If the bald eagle is flying in your dream, it may symbolize you are on a courageous path. You are willing to fight for your dreams bravely.

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The most common bald eagle dream interpretation

Bald eagles are a symbol of freedom and courage. If you are dreaming about bald eagles, chances are there is an important message in it for you. To get the most from your dream life, take a moment to consider what the bald eagle of your dreams is trying to tell you.