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What Do Dreams About Black Crows Mean?

The black crow is a bit of a paradox. Its haunting call, all black feathers, and family groups called “murders” can send a shiver down our spine.

However, encounter a murder of crows while walking along a deserted roadway in late October, and you can easily begin to believe you are about to star in a horror film.

black silhouette of a crow made with rough paint brush strokes.

On the other hand, crows are intelligent and curious birds. Wild crows have demonstrated the problem-solving capacity of a human 3-year-old.

They can remember human faces for years. They are found worldwide and have figured out how to successfully co-exist in human-created environments like cities.  

Due to injury to just interest, sometimes crows attach themselves to a human, and their silly curiosity and affection are endearing. Search YouTube or TikTok for human & crow stories, and you will surely be delighted.

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a black crown standing in a green forest.

So what does it mean when these fascinating and spooky birds appear in our dreams?   Follow along while we explore this question.

Traditional black crow symbolism

If, like me, the first image that comes to your mind about crows is their connection with Halloween or the occult, you may assume crows symbolize something creepy or ominous.

Prepare to be surprised. Throughout history, crows have been seen as positive symbols.

North American Indigenous peoples believed the black crow might be a messenger from the spirit world or a symbol of good luck.

silhouette of a black crow against a golden sky.

The Celts thought the crow symbolized individuality. A crow was meant to inspire us to ignore the critics and continue our journey.

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Black crow appearing in our dreams

There are several ways you can interpret dreams about black crows.

Symbol of intelligence

A crow in a dream may be a symbol of intelligence or cognitive expansion. It may be a sign that you are to take the class or somehow expand your mind or thinking.


These large and commanding birds may also be a sign of transformation. It may be time to let go of your old identities and become who you were meant to be. Time to release outdated expectations and fly free.

Release that secret

Finally, they may represent a secret or avoidance of something important. For example, a dream about a black crow may tell you it is time to be liberated from the secret you carry.

silhouette of a black crown on a branch against a blue sky.

A secret hides information. Avoiding tasks or situations is a form of hiding as well. The dream world black crow is a message to come out of the shadows.

What was the crow doing in your dream?

A flying black crow

If a crow is flying in your dream, it may be a message about future events. What else was present in the dream? These could be clues to future plans or problems you need to solve.

If a single flying crow was the only thing in your dream, it might be a request to think about your future. Are you sure of the direction you are going?

A black crow bites you

If you are pecked at or bitten by a crow in your dream, it may mean it is time to uncover your true self. You need to peel back your layers and reveal what is underneath.

A talking crow

If you dream of a talking crow, you may be receiving a spiritual message. This message may be from loved ones who have crossed over, spirit guides, or angels. If a crow talks to you in your dreams, take him seriously.

Dreams about this intelligent bird are generally messages about positive life changes. So, if you see a crow in your dream, take some time to determine the message meant for you.