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What Do Dreams About Horses Mean?

It’s often said dreams represent our unconscious desires or unexpressed anxieties, and some dreams seem to tell us exactly what they mean. However, other dreams, like those with visits from spirit animals can be much more mysterious.

painting of a landscape seen through the shape of a horse running.

What does it mean when horses appear in your dreams? While some people adore horses, and perhaps spend a lot of time around them, many others don’t have any exposure to these beautiful creatures in their day to day life.

So if you’ve suddenly had a horse coming trotting through your dreamscape, you might wonder just what these creatures could represent or be there to teach you.

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The symbolism of different colored horses

Do you remember the color of your dream horse’s pelt? It may provide a clue as to how you can interpret the dream.

a white horse galloping in grass.

For example, a white horse can signify peace in the same way doves do, so a dream featuring one could be a symbol of lasting peace and that your journey toward inner peace is on track. A white horse running free is a beautiful symbol of lasting wellbeing, joy, and freedom.

This freedom could be outward, but more than likely, it’s an inner freedom that you’ve achieved or are on your way to experiencing. Perhaps you finally feel free to express who you really are, or you’re coming in to your own for the first time in some way.

a black horse with a white mane in greyscale.

Meanwhile, black horses have a mysterious and magnetic beauty. A dream featuring a dark horse could mean that there is a strong, charismatic presence in your life. It could be you, your inner self, or perhaps someone else around you.

Black horses in dreams are symbols of hope, strength, and spiritual guidance. Perhaps you’ve felt lost and in need of a sign. The black horse is here to give direction and confidence with the next steps in your journey ahead.

Finally, it’s difficult not to use the adjectives “healthy” and “strong” when talking about brown horses, so if you see one in your dream, it may be worth considering prioritizing your health in the waking world.

Wild vs. tame horses

Dreams featuring wild or tamed horses may speak to the personality you present to the world. When you think of a wild horse, do you not imagine an animal unencumbered by human contact roaming the prairie freely?

painting of blue and white horses on an orange background.

If you see one in your dreams, you could interpret the dream to mean you’re in your element when not bogged down by societal constraints.

Conversely, a dream featuring a bridled horse with blinders may tell you there might be a wonderful life you’re not living by fitting in.

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Riding a horse vs. falling off

Ever heard the expression “Get off your high horse?” It’s great advice to adhere to whether you’re awake or fast asleep. So, if you see yourself riding a horse in your dreams, you could interpret the dream to mean a judgmental personality might prove burdensome to others, no matter how well-intentioned.

Alternatively, if you see yourself falling off a horse in your dream, you can interpret it to mean one of two things, depending on what happens next: if you dust yourself off and get back on, it could signify perseverance will take you far.

However, if the dream ends when you hit the ground, consider finding another way around your problems. 

a drawing of three horses in black and white.

The most common horse dream meanings

As a spirit animal, horses represent freedom, so that theme unsurprisingly dominates interpretations of dreams in which they appear.

In general, horses can be seen as dream symbols of freedom, strength, guidance, and the pursuit of inner peace.

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