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What Does it Mean to Dream About a Flood?

A flood is a natural calamity often referred to as Mother Nature’s wrath. It leads to the destruction of property and is associated with negative connotations in real life.

Even the thought of a flood-like situation is enough to make your hair rise, thinking about all the damage it could bring. But does dreaming about floods hold the same meaning? Let’s find out!

a dead tree against a stormy sky partially under water.

The symbolism of floods in dreams

Why do you see visions of flood? Are you experiencing the same havoc as this catastrophe, or is it a warning message for a future life challenge?

Dreams about floods hold various meanings; however, three of the most well-known symbolism across different cultures are as follows:

Suppressed feelings

Floods represent your hidden feelings. Perhaps, you are suppressing your feelings for someone and hesitating to express them. This inability to express yourself may be creating a drift in your relationships.

It’s time to convey your feelings and appreciate your loved ones for their constant efforts. Or else you can let flood dreams haunt you for life. 

Start of a new phase

Despite being a symbol of destruction, floods also carry a positive message. Dreaming of floods signifies that you are about to enter a new phase of life, where you will face problems in different aspects. 

flooded neighborhood with blue sky above.

It would be best not to panic over such situations and stand strong against them. Admittedly, there are tough times, but they soon pass. 


Flood dreams also indicate that you have felt vulnerable and exposed lately. In this case, try to concentrate on things that keep you emotionally balanced and in touch with reality, especially when life seems demanding or chaotic. 

Different flood scenarios in your dreams

To depict the true meaning of floods in your dreams, you should remember their context, the color of the water, and other relevant details. Having said that, let’s look at the most common flood scenarios people dream about.

Dreaming about muddy floodwater

Just like muddy water in real life, dreaming about flooding muddy water indicates contamination in your life. This impurity can come in the form of a terrible health disease or a toxic relationship in your surroundings.

This dream encourages you to distance yourself from such negative energies and instead work on things that make you happy and content. 

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close up of brown leaves on the street underwater.

Dreaming about clean floodwater

Seeing a flood of clear blue water has two different meanings. First, the dream foretells upcoming positive changes as you go through a spiritual cleansing. You may need to reevaluate your life decisions and look at things from a different perspective.

Alternatively, seeing a flood of clean water is a sign that your difficult time is coming to an end. You need to be patient for a bit more, as the reward for your good deeds and determination is right around the corner.

Dreaming about surviving the flood

If you see yourself escaping and surviving the flood, it symbolizes that you are emotionally in a better place. Maybe you have been let down or betrayed by someone close to you in the past. 

Instead of holding onto these past negative experiences, try to forgive, forget and move ahead. This dream reminds you to accept and validate your emotions rather than letting them overwhelm you as you move on to the next phase of your life.

Dreaming about drowning in the flood

Similar to drowning in reality, a dream about seeing yourself drown in flood means that you feel helpless and exhausted in your real life. There is a high chance that the recent events in your life are taking a toll on you mentally. You might be experiencing terrible mood swings and feel like breaking down every now and then. 

This dream is your subconsciousness reminding you to relax and try to put your mind at peace before it gets too much for you to bear alone. 

Dreaming about flood inside the house

Dreaming about your house getting flooded indicates that things have not been going your way lately, and you feel powerless in the face of such difficulties.

flooding inside a building with a white staircase.

Pay attention to the parts of the house most affected by the flood, especially the attic, since it represents your feelings towards different aspects of life. 

Dreaming about crossing a flooded river

People who dream about crossing a flooded river are carefree and relaxed individuals who don’t give much thought to the future but are more focused on living in the moment.

This dream foretells that to make the most out of your relationships and career; you must overcome this emotional barrier and set your priorities straight. Only doing so can help you break away from the exhausting day-to-day routine and achieve greater things in life.

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Dreaming about flooded roads

Walking down on roads that are flooded with water is a bad omen in your dreams. It is a warning message that the path you are taking right now will have some serious obstacles in its way and cause you great trouble and pain.

flooded city street at night.

Another interpretation of this dream scenario is that you feel overwhelmed by recent events and have been keeping things to yourself for a long time, which is making you feel powerless and hopeless in the face of these challenges.

Dreaming about heavy rain with flooding

Dreaming about floods with other harsh weather elements like strong winds, storms, and lightning shows that your dense emotions have peaked and started weighing you down. Therefore, such dreams are here to announce to let go of such emotions and release them before they do any severe damage. 

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Dreaming of a tsunami with flooding

Flood dreams with tsunamis predict a form of instability coming your way which could be emotional, spiritual, or financial. But, on the contrary, it could also be a sign that you are drifting from the purpose you have set for yourself. So, review your ambition and emotions and make a plan to fix the upcoming predicament. 

Is the flood water rushing fast or stagnant? 

Another factor to consider for a better interpretation of your flood dreams is to notice the water’s flowing pattern. 

If the flood water is rushing fast, it is a sign that you are being negatively influenced by someone you trust. Even if it is unintentional, this person is projecting his negative feelings towards you, making your journey thorny and difficult. 

On the other hand, dreaming about stagnant flood water indicates that you are stuck in a situation where you are not seeing or thinking things clearly enough to take appropriate actions. 

single dead tree in flood waters at dusk.

Either way, it is best to let go of the things and people that harm your peace because anything that causes you penance is not worth your time. 

The most common meaning of floods in your dreams

A dream related to floods could mean many different things. It could either be a foreteller of positive change or a wake-up call for you to start revamping your life in the future. Whatever the case, it is important to analyze its interpretation to implement the message your subconscious mind is trying to convey. 

Remember that while floods only cause destruction and damage in real life, dreams about this natural disaster can help you save from various struggles coming your way and assist you in improving the quality of your life.