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What Does It Mean to Dream About Fish?

There are approximately 20,000 fish species on our planet. And with their vast differences come various types, colors, habitat preferences, and symbolisms.

To dream about fish has symbolic and emotional representations, which can be confusing if you don’t know what to interpret.

a school of silvery fish in the deep blue sea.

Symbolisms of fish in your daily life

Let’s look at different dream scenarios involving fish and how they could relate to your current situation. 

Fertility and pregnancy

Fishes are known to produce a lot of eggs at once. Because of this, they’ve become symbols of fertility and pregnancy. So, dreaming about them, especially if you’re pregnant, can be a good sign of successful delivery.

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The Bible has a popular take on a fish’s symbolism in terms of abundance. It’s what Jesus used to perform one of His miracles by feeding thousands out of just two fishes. From this came the belief that fish symbolizes abundance amidst scarcity.

a school of tropical striped fish swimming near a coral reef.

Spiritual awakening

Hindu god, Vishnu, took in the appearance of a human face with a fish tail in one of His first ten incarnations. Fishes are then regarded as a symbol of a connection to the spiritual realm that enables you to make wise decisions.

Dreaming of fish in a tank

The tank symbolizes anything holding you back from doing something. Are you working on a significant project? Perhaps you can’t find enough inspiration to create unique strategies.

an orange, white and black clown fish swimming in a tank.

A fish in a tank can signify a strong desire for a breakthrough but with limited resources to work on.

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Dreaming of a dead fish

This scenario can symbolize a strong need to let go. The dead fish can represent all the things that don’t work, which tells you to stop and explore other opportunities.

Another interpretation is the death of an idea. Has your opinion recently been shut down by somebody?

a pile of small, dead, silver colored fish.

Perhaps it’s time to look at a subject from a different perspective to get ideas that won’t clash with others in your team.

Dreaming of a fish out of the water

Do you feel isolated from the rest of your peers? This scenario can signal loneliness you haven’t fully acknowledged. If the fish is dying, it can mean low self-esteem brought about by a weak support system.

Dreaming of a fish swimming freely in clear water

This is a sign of good luck and is often associated with clarity of mind. You know your goals and have a solid written plan on how to get them.

Clear water also signifies a strong inner circle that fully supports your endeavors. Your self-confidence is driven by the comfortable air of security those people provide. 

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Dreaming of fishes talking to each other

Whether or not you understand the language, hearing fish talk can symbolize a need to improve your communication with the people around you.

Is there a problem you haven’t yet resolved? Perhaps a good talk with the people involved can arrive at a resolution.

Dreaming of fish eggs

Seeing fish eggs in your dreams denotes a new beginning. It can involve relationships, careers, side hustles, and home location. Fish eggs can also symbolize the birth of new ideas to start a new business or solve a problem.

a cluster of silvery fish eggs.

Dreaming about different types of fishes

As with other animals, fishes have different temperaments and possess features unique to their appearance. Therefore, seeing a specific type of fish in your dream can mean a personal interpretation that relates more to your outlook on life.

Dreaming about a goldfish

Goldfishes are symbols of good luck. Dreaming about them can signify fulfilling your desires and achieving your goals.

A goldfish can also mean a healthy body as an effect of less stress. In relationships, dreaming of a goldfish can mean happy living with your spouse.

Dreaming about a catfish

Dreaming of this silvery fish represents fear and insecurities. It could mean a period in your life when you feel like you’re not doing enough.

You could be struggling with peer pressure, leading you to do things you don’t often agree with. Catfish dreams can be a call for you to step up, voice your side and be firm in your decisions. 

Dreaming about jellyfish

A jellyfish is notorious for stinging its prey and causing temporary paralysis. They don’t have brains and are made up of 98% water. 

Seeing them in your dreams can have a double meaning. On the good side, it can signify adaptability, allowing you to address any challenge that comes your way.

four jellyfish swimming against a glowing orange background.

On the negative side, it can symbolize a controlling nature that demands others to yield and follow your lead. You want to get things done your way. 

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about a fish

It’s understandable to feel weirded out when you keep dreaming about fish. They might be harmless and beautiful in reality, but the unique scenario you see during sleep can mean more than just your real-life physical experiences. Sometimes, they can be spiritual.

a red and blue beta fish swimming.

Here are spiritual fish dream interpretations you might be able to relate to:

  • Your creativity and self-identity are at their peak, and it’s looking for an outlet.
  • You have more than two dominant emotional states that take much of your energy. Dreaming of a fish can be a call to start moderating both to achieve balance.
  • You feel mentally lost. You need help with focusing on one thing before jumping to another.
  • You’re on a journey to emotional stability.
  • Your innate generosity attracts wealth and opportunities, enabling you to share what you do best with others.

Learn even more about fish symbolism!

Dreaming about a fish is a combined reflection of your inner world and outward manifestations of your emotions. It can bear both positive and negative symbolism depending on how it’s interpreted.

The bottom line, you’re the only one who knows where you stand. You can dream about a goldfish and experience real-life abundance in wealth, or dream of a dying fish and witness your plans crumble piece by piece.