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What Does It Mean to Dream About Zombies?

Dreams reflect your life in some way, but they don’t always show reality as it is. Sure, you can fantasize about people you know and real-life situations.

But your dreams can turn into an action or thriller movie since you can also imagine unreal things, like monsters, vampires, and zombies.

post apocalyptic scene of a city in ruins with silhouettes of zombies.

Zombies are described as the living dead. They’re the bodies of deceased persons who roam the mortal world because they didn’t find peace in death. So they hunt the living, which they can turn into zombies with a single bite.

Zombies are matters of the imagination and a common motif in dreams. And while dreaming of them seems like a nightmare, it’s good to know that they don’t always have negative meanings.

What do zombies symboli​​ze?

Dreaming of the living dead represents a certain helplessness because you’re overwhelmed. You may dream of zombies during a period when some major uncontrollable changes happen.

These creatures can also symbolize recklessness. You probably don’t think things through, so you make hasty, bad decisions. You might allow others to easily influence your opinion.

Zombies can also symbolize losing control over your emotions. Unrequited love, perhaps? Or maybe someone has a crush on you, but you’re just not into them? In that case, zombies can symbolize their jealousy of not having you.

Why are you dreaming of zombies?

Since zombie symbolism alone isn’t enough, it needs context. Dreams about these creatures can have different meanings, so how you imagined them is important. For starters, how did you feel during the dream? 

Zombie dreams may emerge when you’re at a turning point in your life or a seemingly hopeless situation. You’re not ready for upcoming changes, which disturbs all aspects of your life and makes you insecure, overloaded, and stressed.

Finally, zombies can be part of your dreams if your brain ‘reproduces’ a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched recently. In many ways, your mind reflects things that have left an impression on you.

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Zombie dream scenarios and their meanings

Human imagination is unlimited, so zombies in your dreams can appear in many different scenarios. We’ll give you a few of the most common examples.

A zombie is chasing you

Running away in dreams always represents running away from something in real life. In the case of zombies chasing you, they can symbolize everyday problems. The failure to solve them affects both you and your relationships with others. 

two silhouetted hands behind a white curtain.

Also, this dream may indicate a misunderstanding between you and people with different values. You’re probably trying too hard to explain something to someone from a completely different world than yours, just like zombies come from the other world.

If you dream about hiding from zombies, it shows your efforts to escape people you don’t like. Maybe in the real world, you’re forced to hang out or work with someone you dislike.

You might also be thinking lately about past problems that burden you. So quite often, dreams of hiding from zombies that chase you represent issues from the past and your desire to avoid them.

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You’re the zombie

If you dream about being a zombie, you don’t feel well enough to hang around. So ask yourself: are you in the mood to socialize with friends today? If not, you probably need some time alone to rest and sort out your emotions.

The dream of being a zombie may also be related to the pressure you feel at the workplace. Are you doing your best, but you feel squeezed out like a lemon? If you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, a few days off won’t hurt.

Talking with zombies

Talking to a zombie in a dream may indicate a conflict of opinion. That misunderstanding can escalate into a breakup, be it love, friendship, or business relationship.

If you’re trying to engage the living dead in a conversation, it means you’re imposing your arguments onto someone, but you don’t always get good feedback. So is it time to stop imposing and start listening?

Someone you know is a zombie

When you dream that someone you know is a zombie, it can relate to your feelings toward them. And since the living dead have no feelings, you probably no longer have feelings for that person. Instead, some future events might end your friendship or relationship.

a zombie girl with bluish skin.

But sometimes, this dream symbolizes new possibilities. For example, you’ll probably meet someone new soon to fill up the emptiness after a breakup. And that means new chances for love, friendship, or business growth.

If you dream of a deceased person coming out of their grave, you can interpret it as a sign of upcoming troubles in your life. These can be health issues, problems at work, and fights with close people, among others.

You kill a zombie

Killing zombies means releasing the pressure that has been weighing you down for a long time. You probably want to stand up for yourself and get rid of outside forces that have been holding you down. So, you fight and defeat enemies in both dreams and reality.

Zombie apocalypse

If you see these creatures taking over the world, your situation in the waking world seems hopeless. Maybe you’re facing a breakup or employment termination and think of that as the end of the world.

But the imaginary zombie apocalypse can bring something good. If you dream that the world you know no longer exists, you might be done with something or someone in real life. But after every end, a new beginning emerges, so your breakup has brought relief and motivation to start all over. 

Should you fear dreams about zombies?

Zombies cause fear and chaos, but dreaming of them isn’t always a bad omen. Their lifeless bodies may reflect your emotions and a lack of control over your life.

However, the disorder that zombies make may indicate necessary changes to make and new beginnings to embark on in your life.