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Flower Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream of Flowers?

Have you always been intrigued by the charisma and beauty of flowers? Well, we all have! Flowers are indeed one of God’s most beautiful creations.

They are the twinkling stars of our planet and can make anything colorful and attractive within an instant. From emitting positive vibes to filling the surroundings with fragrance, the reasons for falling in love with these blooms are endless.

long path filled with purple flowers in the woods.

But what does it mean when you start seeing them in your dreams? Dreams about flowers can mean many things and may be challenging to interpret. 

But don’t worry. This blog post will give you a helping hand in understanding all about flower symbolism and flower dreams. 

The symbolism of flowers

Flower symbolism is intriguing yet complex. This nature element appears in different shapes and colors, each symbolizing something unique. 

But, before getting towards specific flowers and dream scenarios, let’s look at the general symbolism of flowers since it can open up many connections between your dreams and their interpretation.

Love and affection

For centuries, giving flowers has been the greatest way to express love and communicate your feelings. So naturally, they are seen as the symbol of love, including first love, familial love, and lust and passion.

young woman in a white dress holding a basket of tulips on a path through a garden.

Red roses have the nickname of the most romantic flower and represent love and perfection. Apart from roses, lilacs, camellias, carnations, orchids, forget-me-not, and red chrysanthemums are also used for expressing your affection and desires. 


With bright, colorful petals and lush, green leaves, it is no wonder that flowers are the epitome of beauty and elegance. Whether plucked individually or arranged in a bouquet, these blooms never fail to leave you awestruck by their charm. 

Some famous flowers that signify beauty include amaryllis, dahlia, orchids, and black-eyed Susan. And do we even have to mention rose?

close up of a bright coral-colored rose.

This crimson flower is called “the Queen of the garden” for its splendid looks and intoxicating fragrance. It is widely used in greeting cards, jewelry, and other arts to add glamor and refinement.

Health and healing 

There is much more to flowers than just their physical attributes. They are the source of numerous herbal extracts and medicines that promote health and healing. 

Azalea and lavender are considered symbols of good fortune and health. Azalea can survive the harshest weather and yet bloom into beautiful flowers.

Malva also signifies health and has been used as a medicinal agent for over 5000 years. Other flowers that represent health are magnolia, camellia, tansy, yarrow, dandelion, and chrysanthemum.


Another occasion where you will prominently see flowers is funerals. In European and American cultures, flowers such as chrysanthemums are placed at the graves of the deceased, representing death. 

white carnations and a red rose wrapped in black ribbon.

Lilies are also referred to as funeral flowers and represent loss and demise. Along with them, black roses, gladiolus, and carnations are also seen as the symbol of death. Scarlet corn and red poppies don’t represent death but are instead used as a symbol of remembrance.  


Some flowers, with their warm, peaceful auras and unique patterns, are depicted as the symbol of hope. For instance, Lotus opens its petals at sunrise and closes them at sunset, giving you the faith that tomorrow will come with new opportunities and reliefs.

close up of a white and pink-tinged lotus blossom with yellow center

In Christianity, the Bethlehem Starflower denotes hope and salvation through its star-shaped, white-colored petals. This flower is believed to be the star of Bethlehem that shined brightly to guide the Magis to the exact location of Jesus. Later, it was broken into pieces and thrown on earth as flower plants.

Other varieties that symbolize hope are yellow tulips, snowdrops, poppies, sunflowers, and daffodils.

Different types of flower scenarios in dreams

Now that we have touched the basics let’s examine what different flower scenarios in our dreams may indicate. 

Dreams about receiving flowers

In the real world, you give flowers to show love and gratitude to those around you. Receiving flowers in dreams has a similar interpretation.

It means you will likely be rewarded for something you did for someone in the past. This reward could be in the form of a positive impact on a relationship or promotion in your professional life. 

Whereas, if a young woman dreams about receiving a bouquet containing different types of flowers, it means that she is extremely beautiful and will have a lot of admirers in the future. 

Dreams about giving flowers

Just like receiving flowers, dreaming about giving flowers is also a good omen. It often foretells that a close family member is about to get into a serious, long-lasting relationship or marry soon. 

black and white photo of a man's hand giving a rose to a woman's hand.

A dream about gifting flowers to a stranger has a slightly different meaning. It encourages you to get out of your comfort zone more often and trust others more freely.

Maybe you recently met someone who brings out the best in you but are scared to take the relationship to the next level. This dream is a sign that the other person will surely return the love and adoration you have for them if you decide to take things further.

Dreams about planting flowers

Gardening, in general, is regarded as one of the most peaceful hobbies. Similarly, dreaming about planting flowers tells you to relax and trust the process. 

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watering flowers in a garden in the sun with an old metal watering can.

You are on the right track in life, and if you continue unleashing your true potential every once in a while and striving to make things better, you will soon see yourself in a better position

It may be in the form of a new relationship or a higher rank in your workplace; you need to sit back and relax until it’s time to reap the flowers you planted.

Dreams about throwing away flowers

No matter how beautiful a flower is, they die quickly if its needs are not met and thereby needs to be thrown away. 

Seeing you throwing away flowers in your dreams is a reminder to pay more attention to your close friends and family. You might be growing distant from these people or ignoring them for other reasons, which can ultimately damage your relationship with them.

discarded red tulips scattered in the street.

Just like you need to take time to care for the flowers and prevent them from dying, it is high time you start doing the same for people around you and important projects. Or else, they will likely meet the same fate as the flowers and be discarded completely from your life.

Dreams about smelling flowers

Smelling flowers works as a relaxant for your mind. Similarly, a dream about smelling flowers tells you to worry less and relax more in life. 

You probably are a workaholic who takes no time out for themselves and, as a result, is always sleep deprived and exhausted. A dream about sniffing flowers is life’s way of telling you to take a break before you suffer from a serious physical or mental illness.

black and white photo of a young girl holding a large peony blossom to her nose.

Another meaning of this dream for prolonged patients of a dangerous disease is that their health will eventually start getting better. Life is allowing you to recover fast, so be sure to avail it by being extra cautious about what you eat and do. 

Dream about picking flowers

A dream about picking flowers hints at a massive leap in your romantic relationships. You already have or will soon meet someone who is your ideal match.

Love is right around the corner, and you must be sincere and brave enough to open up to your partner and trust them with all your heart. 

young blond woman plucking orange poppy flowers in a field.

Alternatively, this dream also signifies that life will present you with multiple offers to choose from. It is good news specifically for businessmen looking to double their profits and get financial stability in life. 

Dream about artificial flowers

Sure artificial flowers encapture your eyes with their beauty but in reality, they are only show and no talk. They lack the essence, texture, and smell of a real flower. Likewise, a dream about such flowers has a similar meaning. 

Although things may seem well on the surface, there is someone in your life who is only pretending to be your well-wisher. They are putting up an incredibly believable act, so it is about time that you try to learn the true motives behind people associating with you. 

view from below of tall white daisies and a hazy sky above them.

In contrast, it is also possible that you are the fake person looking for a chance to exploit and betray those around you. Reevaluate your decisions and think whether the said person deserves this or not. 

Regardless of who the culprit is, this dream indicates negative energy in your surroundings, which you need to get rid of immediately.

Dream about withered flowers

Seeing withered, dead, or dried flowers in your dreams is another bad omen. It is your subconscious asking you to prepare yourself for a potential heartbreak or betrayal from someone you least expected it from. 

Try to know people’s true intentions before welcoming them into your life, and work on weak relationships to shield yourself from this disappointment. It is better to prepare yourself mentally for what’s about to come next rather than letting the situation overwhelm you.

Is the flower a specific color? 

Colors play a significant role in our waking life. Similarly, seeing a specific colored flower can mean many different things and help you better interpret your flower dream.

Here is a look at what seeing different colors of flowers in your dreams may represent: 

Red flowers

The red flower denotes happiness, love, and betterment. Perhaps you are facing issues with your spouse or financial troubles, and dreaming of a red flower is a message that you will soon recover from these problems and that good times are ahead.

a small red flower among dark colored leaves.

However, the type of red flower you dream about may also affect the meaning:

  • Dreaming of red carnations is associated with enlightenment and perfection 
  • Red tulips suggest that you should focus on yourself for the time being 
  • Red roses are a sign that you will soon find your true love
  • Seeing red poppies indicate passion and that it is sometimes better to walk away from certain situations 

White flowers

The appearance of white blossoms suggests pure and eternal love. Are you having trouble finding love? Or did you go through a messy breakup?

five white jasmine blossoms.

Regardless, white flower dreams are a sign that you will soon reconcile with your companion or may find someone better. Other meanings of white flowers include:

  • White roses signify a new phase in life
  • White daisies foretell good and happy times ahead
  • White carnations seen in full bloom imply that you are ready to think outside the box and work towards your goals
  • White tulips indicate new beginnings and that you will soon hit a period of abundance 

Pink flowers

Pink flowers have been traditionally associated with delicate connotations and femininity. Their appearance in your dream is surely a delight and may represent several things:

view looking up at cherry tree branches full of pink blooms.
  • Dreaming of pink carnations suggests the birth of a baby girl
  • Pink lilies indicate pain and sadness, but this can be overcome
  • Pink peonies represent a renewed faith and focus
  • Seeing pink blossom on trees suggests that you will soon get a promotion or raise at work

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers represent happiness, trust, and compassion. These blossoms exude radiance and warmth that can motivate you to endure tough times. 

  • Yellow tulips foretell progression in your professional life 
  • Yellow roses indicate that you will soon reach your target
  • Yellow daffodils are connected to loyal friends and new friendships 
  • Marigolds suggest a bright future ahead
white fluffy dandelion gone to seed in the grass backlit by an orange sunset.

Interpreting your floral dreams

Dreaming about flowers is generally a harbinger of positive news in your life. These mythical living objects remind you to be grateful for the beautiful things, and people life has rewarded you with while encouraging you to strive for better and higher things. 

To depict the true message of your dreams, try to concentrate on the type of flower you see, the environment, and your own behavior. This will help you understand, implement, and prepare about upcoming life experiences. 

To sum it up, flower dreams are not something to be afraid of but rather something to look up to help deal with your emotions and struggles in life.