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What Do Dreams About Weddings Mean?

Regardless of your views on marriage, we can all agree that weddings can be beautiful occasions. These heart-warming celebrations of a couple’s decision to navigate life together – come what may – inspire hope for the future, and it’s hard not to get swept up in such sentiments as an attendee.

bride and groom holding hands on the top of a mountain.

While it can be easy to think you’ve caught the love bug when weddings appear in your dreams, you’ll be surprised by how little wedding dreams have to do with the actual event. Keep reading to learn how you can interpret your dreams of marital bliss. 

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Marrying someone you can’t see

If you’re in a committed relationship that’s slowly but surely headed for the altar, you’d expect to see your beau’s face when dreaming about the main event. So you might be taken aback when you recall your dream had you exchanging vows with someone whose face you couldn’t see.

a bride and groom silhouetted against the sunset.

However, you might want to think again before imagining the dream may spell doom for your relationship. Instead, you can interpret the dream as your resolve to be happy and committed to your significant other no matter who you have by your side when you take the leap.

Dreams of running late to your wedding

It’s common to associate dreams where you’re running out of time with anxieties in your waking life, and dreams with a wedding as the backdrop aren’t any different. 

a bridge facing away from the camera running on a beach.
Running girl on the beach in the blue airy dress fluttering on a wind. The view from the back. Vacation concept with copy space

Since weddings are happy occasions, you could interpret a dream where you’re running late for your wedding to be a manifestation of your anxiety that a window through which you can attain happiness is closing. 

Watching someone else get married

You can interpret a dream where you’re a guest at someone else’s wedding in two ways, depending on if the bride and groom are people you know.

Being acquainted or close to the dream bride or groom may represent positive feelings about a big decision a loved one is about to take in the waking world.

On the other hand, if your dream has you watching a couple of strangers getting married, you might be feeling apprehension about your loved one’s big decision to the extent you feel you don’t know them anymore.

Wedding dreams while single

Wedding dreams aren’t just for people in relationships. Even single people have them. However, you don’t have to take a wedding dream to mean it’s time to couple up if you’re happily single.

Instead, you can look at your wedding dream as a manifestation of a potentially life-changing event on the horizon, which may fill you with hopefulness or apprehension, depending on how you feel about commitment.

Are big changes on the horizon?

So what do dreams about weddings mean for you? Like any dream, you should consider the universal symbols present as well as the symbolic meaning that marriage or events like weddings have to you personally.

Do you have commitment issues? Or are you about to commit to a big change in your life that will bring your greater happiness? Are you tackling a big decision, a move, a job change, or experiencing a major shift in mindset?

Weddings can symbolize union, unconditional love, deep bonds, and two separate things, ideas, or feelings coming together to form an entirely new and beautiful third entity. Remember – the couple does not suddenly merge and become one. Instead, they remain individuals, forging a new and wonderful life of love together.