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What Does It Mean to Dream About Rainbows?

Dreams can indicate many things and it’s up to us to determine what those things are. Whether we have nightmares or peaceful dreams, our subconscious is trying to convey a message regarding our waking life and actions.

a fantasy landscape with grass and trees all colors of the rainbow.

Let’s examine the meaning of rainbows in dreams and try to explore the hidden thoughts and feelings related to these dreams.

The symbolism of rainbows throughout history

The rainbow has found its way into all forms of art — from canvas and sculpture to words and sound. For centuries, it inspired artists and brought a glimpse of hope and contentment. 

The Nordic traditions thought that the rainbow was a bridge to the afterlife, and the Chinese saw it as a two-headed dragon that brings rain and clear blue skies.

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a perfect full rainbow over a frozen mountain range.

Noah considered it to be a sign from God. In Greek mythology, Iris, the Goddess of rainbows, conveyed messages from the beyond.

Aristotle battled the complex geometry of it, and many poets sang about its alluring nature. Hence, rainbows have always been a part of art, religion, and myths.

The symbolism of rainbow colors

Colors hold a significant role in our lives. They were formed by nature itself; hence, they can inspire and affect our thoughts and mood.

Rainbows are all about the colors and their beauty. Therefore, let’s check what each color represents:

  • Red: Symbolizes love, passion, and vitality.
  • Orange: Is associated with energy, extraversion, and creativity.
  • Yellow: Is connected to joy, sunshine, and happiness.
  • Green: Signifies health, youth, and tranquility.
  • Blue: Symbolizes serenity, inspiration, and stability.
  • Indigo: Represents spirituality and wisdom.
  • Violet: Means modesty, intuition, and imagination.

How do rainbow colors in dreams affect your waking life?

Rainbow dreams are generally a sign that something good awaits you. But if you find a color missing from the magical rainbow arc, it might mean that you’re neglecting the qualities that color represents.

Also, if one color is brighter than the other, then you may expect certain gains regarding specific qualities. For instance, a bright and dominant green color can mean that a peaceful period is ahead of you.

You may resolve some issues you had with your friend, spouse, or family. It’s possible that you’ll start training and working on improving your overall health.

a rainbow reflection of light on two outstretched hands.

However, if you see a white rainbow, it may mean you’re close to unlocking the higher power and embracing the untouched part of your soul. White is the “ultimate color of brightness,” and it symbolizes truth and purity. 

Each color brings something and guides you toward a better understanding of yourself. Also, you need to think about how you felt in your dream. Did you find a particular color to be more pleasing than the other? Were you at ease or maybe agitated by a certain shade?

The symbolism of different rainbow dreams

When interpreting the meaning of your dream, it’s important to focus not only on the colors of the rainbow but also on how it’s presented to you. This might give you a closer insight into your true feelings and thoughts.

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Whether you’re walking on the rainbow or seeing it from a distance, your dream is metaphorically trying to clarify certain things regarding your waking life. 

Double rainbow

A double rainbow can be a symbol of transformation. One represents your old self, and the other symbolizes the new you. It could also mean you’ve surpassed the material aspect of life and managed to move toward the “spiritual.”

a double rainbow across the sky above an open field.

You’re maybe in the process of moving to a new city, or you’ve completely changed the course of your career. Perhaps you’re starting your one-year travel around the country or even the world.

In that case, a double rainbow can be a sign that transforming into your new self is a good thing — you’re taking the right path toward joy and happiness.

Rainbow after a storm

The rainbow and the quiet feel of the sky after a heavy storm is a magical combination that inspires and brings incredible views. 

Hence, it’s not strange to dream about it, considering that once you see this scenery, it stays etched in your mind. It can indicate that your troubles (the “storm”) are coming to an end.

a rugged coastline with a rainbow reaching from horizon into gray storm clouds

You’re doing your best to bring colors into your life and to fix certain issues that have been hiding the light. And this dream is perhaps telling you to keep doing what you’ve been doing — the storm has to pass eventually.

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Walking on a rainbow

If you’re walking on a rainbow in your dreams, then perhaps this is the time you’ll achieve your full creative potential. Be free to start a new project or finally show what you’ve been working on.

You may find this as a reflection of your hidden potential. You’ve probably been putting aside the optimistic and adventurous part of yourself, but this dream is telling you to finally open up and show your true character to the world.

Let yourself be inspired and walk freely in life just as you walked freely on a rainbow.

Fading rainbow

If the rainbow starts to fade in your dream, or you see it, and then it disappears in another moment, it means you’ll probably have to wait a little longer for your goals to turn into reality.

But you shouldn’t feel discouraged! A fading rainbow brings hope, meaning you’ll potentially accomplish your dreams, but with patience and persistence. Try to embrace this dream and think of it as a positive sign.

a forest and mountain landscape with a rainbow in the background.

You probably need to put in the work and focus on staying strong and confident. The fulfillment of your dreams might just be around the corner!

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The positive symbolism of rainbow dreams

Unless you feel threatened in your dream or discomfort because of a certain color, seeing rainbows is usually a sign that positive energy is coming your way. That energy may come from within you or from a certain someone. It may also represent a new project or a fresh beginning. 

All in all, consider these dreams to be a glimpse of hope and fulfillment. Let rainbows inspire your life the way they’ve inspired many artists and poets for centuries.