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What Does It Mean to Dream About Aliens?

We always want to understand what our dreams are telling us. Are they a bad sign or a hint that something good is about to happen?

It’s no mystery that dreams are a product of our thoughts buried deep into the subconscious. But why would our sleep state be pointing us toward something as otherworldly as aliens?

profile of a gray alien's head against black background.

Beliefs regarding aliens

The unknown world has always been intriguing for most of us. It’s in our nature to seek knowledge beyond what we know, and aliens fall in this category.

Curiosity regarding the mysterious and otherwordly can easily find its way into your dreams. Therefore, many have reported seeing small, gray, or even large, green humanoids.

Since aliens are still unexplainable to us, they can represent both good and bad things. 

The symbolism of aliens in dreams

Aliens can mean many things. As they are out of this world, they might be your connection to a higher purpose and a need for spirituality. Think of them as a clue that a higher power does exist.

You might be going through a period of doubt or rethinking your faith in God. Dreaming about aliens may bring you hope that something beyond this world does exist.

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a small planet in space near a massive sun.

Loneliness and isolation are also associated with alien symbolism; hence, take a closer look at the relationships you’ve built. Are you truly open to those you love, or are you hiding your feelings and thoughts?

Did you lose a sense of self and become something unknown and unexplainable, like an alien? Think about rebuilding your self-esteem and self-worth.

Finally, aliens are usually connected to something supreme. This might mean you have hidden potential you’ve been unaware of – a creative urge or a desire toward scientific discoveries. Focus on your talents, and grow them without the fear of failure.

As seen above, you may interpret your encounter with the aliens in many ways. Therefore, think about your position in life and what you’ve built so far. Are you seeking help and want to connect to a deeper part of yourself?

Different depictions of aliens in dreams

Here, you’ll find the most common alien encounters in dreams and their explanations. Take them only as suggestions since all interpretations depend on your personal attitudes, feelings and thoughts.

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Being an alien

If you woke up remembering you had an alien body and mind, it might mean you’re not comfortable being yourself in real life. You think you are an invader – someone who doesn’t belong and needs to rebel.  

Be ready to show up at certain social gatherings feeling confident in your body. Be open to new friendships and give people a chance to genuinely get to know you.

Your dream might be urging you to stop hiding your true identity and start a new stage in life. Take control of your reality and present to others the hidden parts of your personality.

Befriending an alien

A friendly alien is a symbol of positivity, and it means that good things await you. You might have interesting social events coming up where you’ll meet intriguing, new individuals. 

Befriending an alien is a sign you’ve opened your personality to the world. It confirms that your social life is on the right track.

If you’re facing certain problems, feel free to seek advice from a close friend. You might finally solve issues that have been bothering you for a long time.

Alien abduction

Regarding yourself: Not all dreams about being abducted by an alien mean something bad. You probably want a change in your life, but you’re unsure of how you can make those changes happen.

An abduction is an escape from your current life. Look for new challenges at work, or maybe look for new jobs. This is the time to finally do something for yourself. 

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a flying saucer in the sky with a golden beam shining downward.

Think about what you wanted to do long before you started working. What were your dreams? What did you want to become? Where did you want to live?

Regarding others: However, you might have issues that are related to someone else. You feel abandoned or overpowered by a certain somebody in your life. Do you feel like someone has taken advantage of you? Did you open up to somebody but got nothing in return?

It’s natural to feel as if someone has taken a part of your soul when you don’t receive any reaction after sharing your deepest thoughts.

Nevertheless, consider taking this dream as a positive sign and a call to be strong and independent.

Alien invasion

Invasion evokes fear, whether you dream about aliens or other out-of-this-world creatures. You might be afraid of losing something or someone. 

Dreaming about aliens attacking you means that you have insecurities and doubts regarding your competence in life. You are refusing to make changes; therefore, you dream of a force that’s giving you no other choice but to change.

Again you might fear certain things that are about to happen, and you refuse to accept them. You feel that something or somebody is invading your privacy. Think about the people you have in your life – is somebody making you feel insecure?

Alien babies

Although alien babies might be cute, they are often a sign of confusion in real life. You look for the unknown but doubt you’ll find anything.

You second guess your choices, but babies are there to remind you of your true voice and nature – one that’s pure and intact. The dream might be telling you to go back to that feeling of innocence and allow yourself a new beginning.

Follow your intuition and make the moves towards the unknown. You know what you need to do. Try listening to your inner voice -it will guide you to the right path with patience and persistence.

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Should you fear aliens in your dreams?

Dreams involving aliens indicate that you may require change. Hence, they are not to be feared. They present your connection to the ‘other realm’ – to the unknown parts of your conscience.

Therefore, look at those dreams as a way to explore thoughts you aren’t aware of. Find deeper meanings to your actions, and consider your dreams as guides towards a different life.