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What Does it Mean to Dream About Houses?

Dreams have long been a crucial element in numerous cultures and their spiritual beliefs. Some dreams may leave you optimistic about the future, while others can evoke strange, hard-to-decipher emotions.  

Have you been seeing a specific house in your dream? These kinds of dreams can mean a number of different things and give you a lot of insight into your current life situation.

golden light glowing from windows of an old home at twilight.

If you are stuck in a similar situation and are ready to dig deeper into the meaning behind your house dreams, keep on scrolling to find out!

What does dreaming about a house mean?

Dreaming about houses – and the rooms in them – can have many significant meanings. It is believed that the house symbolizes your personality, while its rooms represent specific aspects of selfhood. 

Generally, dreams about houses are considered a good omen. However, they could also sometimes foretell an impending hardship. 

The key to inferring exactly what the dream means depends on your interpretation of the dream based on the state of the house, its location, and most importantly, how the dream made you feel. 

Popular house symbolism in dreams

Before diving into specific scenarios, let’s explore some common symbolism of houses to give you a better understanding of your dream.


Houses are a representation of your personal identity. Therefore, dreaming of them can symbolize how you feel and identify.

For instance, dreaming of a big and beautiful house in a nice-looking neighborhood could be a sign that you are happy and content with your position in life. Meanwhile, dreaming of a crowded or shabby house could indicate a stressful period. 

exterior of a modern boxy white house.

Dreaming of a functional and tidy house painted in odd colors or unusual silhouettes could symbolize that you are a strong individual who is not afraid to voice his opinions or stand out from the crowd. 

Shelter & Protection

Houses are responsible for providing shelter and protection to their residents. Therefore, their appearance in your dreams may reflect your desire to feel safe and protected. Such dreams could also be a message that you have someone to rely on in case things go south.


Houses are seen as a status symbol worldwide. A big bungalow, a grand palace, the perfect yard – dreaming about a large fancy house can reveal your desire to be perceived as superior and outstanding.

On the contrary, a messy house could mean you are unsatisfied with your current reputation and feel like others don’t see you for who you really are.

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House dream scenarios and their interpretations

Now that we have covered the basics let’s take a closer look at what different dream scenarios could mean.

Dreaming of a haunted house

Haunted houses have misfortune and death attached to them. Similarly, a dream about a haunted house may indicate unresolved issues of your past or present that still haunt you.

a tiny abandoned cabin in a field at night.

Are you not over a traumatic experience? Or do you still carry emotional baggage from your last relationship? 

This dream may be a message to come to terms with your past feelings and let go of any grudges. Only then can you find peace and restore harmony in your life.

Dreaming of an abandoned house

Dreaming of an empty, abandoned house is a clear-cut indicator to let go of your bad habits. The house may stand for your addiction which may prove harmful to you in the future.

very old house with broken beams sinking into the ground.

Therefore, it is best to quit these habits before they steer you towards trouble. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, no?

Learn more about the symbolism of abandoned houses.

Dreaming about someone breaking into your house

This kind of dream can mean several different things. For starters, it may foretell a monetary crisis in future and give you a heads-up to get your finances in check.

Simultaneously, these dreams may also symbolize that someone is trying to “breakthrough” your boundaries or forcing you to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing. In this case, muster up the courage to say no and walk away from anyone that shatters your peace.

Is the house large or small? 

The house size also tells a great deal about how you feel and what you desire. 

If the house is too small, it reflects how you feel about yourself. This may also indicate that there is not enough space for spiritual growth and personal development. 

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abandoned castle in the middle of rows of crops in a field at sunset.

If you are stuck in a situation that makes you feel weak and small, get out of it. After all, investing your energy in something only to drain yourself is never worth it.

On the other hand, dreaming about a large house may mean you are satisfied with your life and achievements. 

But, if the house feels too big, it may symbolize emptiness. Perhaps you just lost a loved one and are feeling lonely; this dream is your subconscious telling you to stay strong and look forward to what the future holds.

Is the house dark or lit up?

To understand what it means to dream about a dark house, think about how you feel trapped in darkness. Paints the picture, right? This dream shows that you’re going through a period of insecurity, despair, and even depression. 

silhouetted doorway open to the sun setting over the ocean.

Did you get fired from a job? Or are you facing problems in your family? Don’t worry! This dream is a message to keep your hopes high and not succumb to these hardships. You will soon be back on your track, and this time, too, shall pass (it always does!).

In contrast, seeing a bright house in a dream presages peace, wealth, and success. Your wishes will soon turn into reality, and happiness and abundance will prevail in your home.

Are there any doors in the house?

Doors represent both barriers and opportunities. Dreaming of a house with a door leading to an unfamiliar room symbolizes the idea of exploring your unacknowledged strength or potential. Hence, believe in yourself and don’t think twice before trying new experiences. 

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dimly lit hallway leading to a dark arched doorway.

Specific colors inside the house

Colors play a vital role in our walking life, and their appearance in our dreams can help guide us and understand ourselves better. 

Different colors indicate different emotions, helping us better interpret our house dreams. You may notice that the house in your dreams is painted a particular color or that you keep seeing one specific color repeatedly.

small black house with grass roof with ocean and mountains in the background.

Here’s a look at what specific colors inside the house may represent :

  • Black: symbolizes loneliness, mourning, and mysteriousness
  • Grey: represents uncertainty, indecisiveness, and detachment 
  • Blue: is associated with peace, honesty, and soothing feelings
  • Green: signifies youth, health, and tranquility
  • Yellow: connected to happiness and joy
  • Red: represents love, lust, and passion
  • White: symbolizes knowledge, purity, and acceptance 

Are house dreams good or bad?

Like any dream, the answer to this depends solely on the dreamer’s interpretation and experiences. Therefore, understanding the mood and tone of your house dreams is critical to understanding the meanings they hold.