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Parrot Symbolism: What Does it Mean to Dream About These Colorful Birds?

Parrots are beautiful, intelligent birds. Their plumage is brightly colored and the envy of all the birds of the jungle. They are amazing to see in the wild and make fascinating pets.

a shimmering golden and blue parrot with one wing outstretched.

In addition, they can learn to speak and mimic various other sounds in the environment. So what does it mean when these incredible birds show up in our dreams?

Let’s examine the parrot as a symbol and what messages it may have for you when it finds its way into your dream world.

The symbolism of parrots

Parrots have been important symbols for many cultures throughout history. Parrots have been symbols of beauty and prosperity. In Egypt, the parrot was associated with the goddess of love and beauty, Hathor. In Mesoamerican cultures, the parrot was considered sacred.

a large red, blue and green parrot perched on a bar.

In Hinduism, the parrot is associated with Kama, the God of love; the parrot is seen as a symbol of love and passion. Shakespeare used the parrot as a symbol of vanity. Their capacity for human speech has made parrots a symbol of intelligence and wisdom in many places worldwide.

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Parrots in our dreams

What does it mean when these beautiful and intelligent birds show up in our dreams? There are a few interpretations of what a parrot in your dream may symbolize.


When a parrot shows up in your dream, it may be a message to think about how you communicate and the words you use to get your points across.

close up of colorful parrot's head.

For a bird to talk, it takes a great deal of effort, and a dream parrot may be an invitation to be thoughtful in communication. Make sure the words that come out are really the ones you want to say.


The plumage of the parrot is beautiful and unique. They stand out to us because they are very different from the more muted colors of other birds.

When a parrot shows up in your dream, it is your signal to express yourself as you would like. To take off the dull and boring coat of other people’s expectations and reveal your beautiful feathers.

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A parrot learning to communicate with humans in their language is an incredible feat. A parrot in your dreams may encourage you to consider how well you adapt to challenging situations.

Do you have a situation you feel you cannot change enough to accommodate? Don’t underestimate yourself; the parrot in your dream may be a message to have courage and believe in yourself.

The symbolism of parrot behavior in dreams

A parrot talking to you

If a parrot is talking to you, if you can hear and understand, take note of what it says. A parrot may have essential words of wisdom that you need to hear.

blue and yellow macaw perched on a branch in the sun.

If you can’t understand or hear, it may mean you have someone in your life trying to impart knowledge to you, but you won’t hear it. Maybe a romantic partner is trying to tell you what they need to feel safe and happy in the relationship, and you behave as if you haven’t heard it.

Is the parrot is a specific color?

The parrot’s color in your dream may be a sign of emotions or desires you experience. A red parrot may be a symbol of love and passion. Is this something you seek or need to cultivate in your life?

A blue parrot may represent your desire to improve your communication with others. If your parrot is colorless, it may mean you must find a way to unlock your self-expression and free your communication.

A parrot is flying above you

To see a parrot soaring in the sky above you may be a message you need to let go of your expectations for yourself or the expectations others have for you. It is time to soar free without fear of judgment or guilt for being yourself.

vibrant blue, orange and green parrot perched in a tree.

The parrot flying above you can visit new lands without hiding itself and speaking to whomever it would like. Consider how you can be more like this parrot in the sky.

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Common meaning of parrots in dreams

When these brilliant and regal-looking birds appear in your dreams, they may bring meaningful messages to your life.

So take a moment to think about what the parrot in your dream was trying to tell you. If you are lucky, it may tell you itself!